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News Pro-life activist gets 5 years in prison for blocking access to an abortion clinic and preventing babies from being killed



One foot in the grave
Nov 21, 2023
The entire article is written in SUCH a sleazy manner, mang :feelsseriously:.

It uses terms like ''reproductive health clinic'' :feelshaha: As if this woman blocked access to literal life-saving procedures. In reality, it's the complete opposite. She blocked access to baby butchering rooms.

There is no ''reproductive health'' here. It's just whores who want to kill their babies to continue their whoring rampage with Chads.

Clown world :feelsclown:
I'm pro-choice, but "reproductive health clinic", bahhh- :feelskek: there's no need for euphemisms; just call it an abortion clinic people!

"Reproductive health clinic", to me that means a fertility clinic!- Let's use clear communication and not confuse people
Handy used a false name to book a fake appointment at the clinic on the morning of the invasion. When a clinic employee unlocked a door to admit patients, the defendants pushed and shoved their way in while Darnel livestreamed the blockade.
Mang, they're calling it an ''invasion'' :feelshaha:
It was like 7 boomers who barged in, then chained themselves to doors and stuff. This is no fucking ''invasion''.

JFL, leftist media will call these 7 boomers barging in an abortion clinic for 1 day an ''invasion'', but will REFUSE to call the immigrant refugees pouring in an ''invasion'' :society:

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