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Post bluepill bullshit you actually believed at a certain point of your lives

That I had a chance.
confidence and gym is key to get girls LUL
fuck I just remembered this one, sorry for doubleposting but this is even more hilariosu:

I remember when I was 5'3 or 5'4 in high school and I thought that I could just get a 4'11-5'1 girlfriend no problem, because I am taller than her.
Girls used to tell me that I look like Elliot from Mr. Robot (lel and I'm supposed to be white) and I honestly thought it was a compliment. It took quite some time to realize that even normies agree that this guy is ugly fuck.
Being mistreated by other people, bullying, family not giving a fuck about me, friends stopped talking to me after I got fat, eventually the self awareness kicked in and never went away. I'm getting close to my ideal weight now, and stay home all day, life is lonely.
When I was in high school people called me ugly, say I looked like an ogre and made fun of my huge nose and "horse face".  I kept trying to convince myself that they were all just "haters" and that they were saying that just to get a rise out of me and that they insulted everyone like that no matter what they looked like.  

It wasn't until shortly after reaching adulthood that I fully accepted that I was just ugly.
That women have empathy for others and that women like cute guys.
“When you stop looking, you’ll meet someone.”
“Different girls like different guys.  You just have to
find someone with similar interests.”
“Men usually value looks, but women care more about
I would get an FHO one day, perhaps many.

I would reach six feet.

I wouldn't lose my hair until middle age, if at all.

I would get a career and excel.

I would be happy.
That I was capable of making a female fall in love with me.
Minjaze said:
"There's someone for everyone"

"Not all girls are like that"

"Just give it time"

 Just download Tinder and 'like' every girl in your city to disprove every single on of those platitudes
"Women don't care about looks as much as men."/"Women aren't as superficial as men." I'm not sure exactly when I truly realized this was bullshit. I think I thought it was questionable when I was a kid, strong doubted it when I got to adolescence based on how I was treated, and eventually, as an adult, I started to get angry about the fact that I was clearly lied to.

"You're cute."

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