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Serious oldcels! wear the wedding ringpill!



Jarjar Sphinx
May 19, 2019
the complete wedding ring how-to guide to reduce social hatred from normies! ~ by Emba Rodgers

inspired by @stretch-cel post. (As well as similar ones over the years...

"it does not increase you're sexual desirability, but it does increase you're social credit."

I tried the wedding ring thing many decades ago. And it only makes it look like, "you were once married." (or you are frauding)

I was never thought of as "currently married" while wearing it! at least that's the mood I got from others... as if its so gd motherfucking unlikely.... it's brutal indeed... (maybe my poverty and "my lack of needing to be at home" gave it away?)

one of my (false) hopes, that made me consider wearing a wedding ring in the first place, was to become...

the forbidden fruit!

as a "married guy," I hoped a foid would think I was safe enough to fuck! (no LTR required and no STDs here!) great for "homewrecker" foids... give me a bit of "married Chad" status... it didn't work...

but it DID DO some other useful stuff.

benefits are;

#1 it's the seal of foid approval! (someone loved you enough to marry you, so you can't be all that bad) much less cringing and flinching from randofoids!

#2 it stops the "maybe he's a fag?" talk, because you were once obviously married...

#3 no more, "haha! you're a rejected virgin" jokes!

#4 a bit of sympathy for being single/alone... you loved and lost... so tragic.

#5, a fren might "set you up" with someone to "help you move on..." (if successful, then yea! but then you might fuck up the new relationship with the truth... "he's so pathetic! lets find him a replacement!!!!"

--- for me, all my setups (2) failed due to them being super-crazy (Chad only) losersluts, and me being crazy - from decades of loneliness - & being a poorcel loser! but there's at least some hope... ---

#6 the "safe man" label! this is big! you're seen as far less of a lonely creep and more like a (very common) failed normie.

(one way around the ruins of the lie - if you're hookup works - is, tell her the pure Truth. "I was so lonely and tired of all the harsh, so I frauded... "I faked it until it became real" and then you and you're unicorn lived happy ever after....)

it's a handy tool! - if you can pull it off!

but, it's not all that easy to pull off, especially if you are young! the older you get, the more believable it becomes...

when I was younger (30s) folks gave me weird looks about the ring. ("why is this young obviously single guy frauding?") in my 40s I got less "he's frauding" looks...

For a while I used a thin gold one, (from a pawn shop) then I switched to wide silver, if asked - & I never was - then I would have said, "I hocked the gold one after she left me/ died, and got drunk for several years... But I got the silver one to remind me of the good times we had..."

or, "she was murdered in a robbery and they took my gold ring, so I replaced it with this silver one." (a believable tale for sud Americanos)

when I got my gold wedding band from the pawn shop, I told the guy "I hocked my original one decades ago to get drunk!" he laughed and didn't ask me anything else lol.

you can get a cheaper more "wedding ring looking" wedding ring, if its silver. wide band gold rings are just too expensive to get a really good (believable) one. (they have white gold rings now)

Once again, no one EVER asked me... After three gdmf DECADES+ of wearing my nice (wide silver) wedding band. No one said a fucking word about it! (ofc I didn't wear it all the time....)

I will say that foids "seemed to relax more" around me, while wearing it... waitresses and foid neighbors and clerks and stuff... it gives you a aura of "loving safety," instead of, "I want to rape you to death and feed you're corpse to my dogs!"

a wedding ring is like a "foid seal of approval!" (he was once loved so he must be OK...)

But it takes me a certain mood to wear the thing. i almost believe the lie myself! it's like, how do I want to be treated in town today? plus, my ring is too loose inside motorcycle gloves! I almost lost it a few times...

since I lost a lot of weight, I wear it on the right hand... seem to get a bit of sympathy, some, but not much. better than none.

packing you're can of worms...
(that no one will probably ever want to open!);;;

the lie... it's better to already have a lie ready than to make one up!

do you want sympathy (f) or shared rage? (m)

my main lie was, "she died in a car crash. by a drunk driver." (I mostly rode a bicycle around... and this covered a few things. my reason for being single and my choice of transport)

another good lie is: "she left me for a car mechanic!"

yet another is... "she left me and took everything!" (explains why you are obviously poor...)

or, "it didn't work out" but you still have hope she'll come back to you... so you're gonna stay faithful!!! (best for trucels for sure...) this will label you as a simp, but at least the jokes about you will be far less vicious than the usual, virgin shaming... (= you were once loved...)

"she left me for being a drunk..." good lie for a group of alcohol dudes...

be creative! have fun with it! it has to be at least somewhat believable!

but why still wear the ring if you're single, NOW?

1, to remember her. 2, "I'm still faithful!" (no one cares) 3, she's the only one. 4, to "scare off" new women! (ikr! lol) 5, a way to remember that I was once happy... etc.

to quickly end the discussion, just say "I don't want to talk about it!" and start moody brooding or fuming... give them a angry, "this conversation is over" look. be stoic about it.

keep it short! no need to give her name or background or anything! never go into details! change the subject... you DON'T WANT them to be able to research it! (but if you do, then research it yourself first)

you do not want to "prove" anything to anyone! fuck them! it's not about them! it's about you!

you don't want to be caught via a too big lie! keep it short and simple.

it's a very bad idea to do it. if you're mentally weak, and can't act, or lie very well. if you are around vicious bastards! or, if people ALREADY KNOW you're history! it only works on strangers.

if its obvious you are frauding... too young, too hideous, bad lier, etc... then you get labeled as a "pathetic loser!" (gee, I ain't never been called a pathetic loser before!)

it only works if no one knows you're past...
never admit it's a fraud!

dead giveaways... playing with it too much... you want to be 100% comfortable with it on you! (it's part of who you are!) pointing it out to folks! (like how bitches wave engagement rings around!) be subtle with it...

suppose it's new, and you're just starting to wear the ring... folks might question you, or look at you weirdly.... (new wedding ring? wtf?)

when wearing a new ring around people that know you, say you're "practicing" being married. ofc, it depends on the people... like you're parents that know how single and doomed you are? "I'm practicing!"

or say, its you're "emergency savings account" for if card machines don't work.it's like always carrying a meal around...

it's best if its done only around folks that don't know you're past. it's OK if they only know a tiny bit... but for relatives, just say, "it's a hope ring..." and let it go at that... (yeah it's fucking pathetic... but whatever!)

if you can't justify lying to people, try to remember, they really don't give a shit about you and they lie to you're face all the time! so return the favor! just keep it short.

if you need to "cry on demand" when "telling the tale" of you're widowhood, just remember all you're lonely days... all the rejections... you'll cry plenty!

but most likely no one will ask. if they do, then maybe you're a volcel and not a trucel?

the engagement ring on a necklace, worn as a pendant... "my fiancée canceled our wedding!" (shows you're willing to commit... and once actually had a fiancée!!!) - pawn shops and jewelers that make rings are cheaper ways to get a good one. buy the diamond separately, as you can get a bigger low quality one for much cheaper than a normie store...) the best Part about this alt is it's less of a lie. ofc, you were rejected!

the grand slam:
engagement+woman's wedding ring+mans wedding ring, as a pendant! it's like "having proof" of a relationship! (expensive, who can afford to fraud that? lol)

lack of photographic proof...
lost them while moving... she destroyed them in the breakup.divorce... natural disaster/ flood/ fire, etc... lost everything while in jail... rats ate them in storage... got drunk and burned them...

sometimes you can find IRL legit foid wallet photos in thrift stores or online. the trick is to make them look real by sealing them in plastic or something to "protect them." ... "this is my only pitcher of her..." or, you can find a good foid photo online (of some non famous person) and print it tiny, and seal it... this is like having an ID to go with you're badge/ring. don't overdo it! only use a looksmatch! it must be believable!!!

to sum it up.

it does not increase you're sexual desirability, but it does increase you're social credit.

is it worth the cost of the ring? absolutely!
I guess it won’t work in my 20s then.
Nope... But the engagement ring pendant might....

"My gf/ fiancée left me for a babycocksucking


The problem is that while I'm 30, I still look like I'm 20. A fake wedding ring would look so awkward on me...
This is Peak comedy i like it very much, making the art of deceit believable enough for the brutish stranded dogs to not smell you funny ... How it has come to...!!
No wedding ring for my lack of social skills
The problem is that while I'm 30, I still look like I'm 20. A fake wedding ring would look so awkward on me...
As it did on me in my youth...
This is Peak comedy i like it very much, making the art of deceit believable enough for the brutish stranded dogs to not smell you funny ... How it has come to...!!
It can be fun... But it's not super outrageous. It's more subtle. Almost subliminal.

It is very cringe
No wedding ring for my lack of social skills
You can buy Social skills + The RING, free shipping from AliExpress! Based chonks at it again .. On sale!! Like highway robbery:feelsEhh:
Just wear a penis ring in public and female officers will arrive shortly

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