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Venting Obese woman and female privilege

Niggers are fucking crazy Bro! They are animals, savage and wild.
No, worse than animals. No other animal will dare to fuck whales :feelskek:
We all know foids are more privileged than men. But I am writing this essay to convince you that fat foids are the most privileged group on this planet from a manlets perceptive.

Statement) Woman get fat because of hORMones
Reply) Only correct answer 'because they over eat' . That's it there is no other answer. Foids and Whales claim that hormones, thyroid and other nonsense. Hormones can only make more hungry and control sugar to fat conversion levels.

It is YOU that are eating more. No matter the hormones and hunger if you don't eat enough food you can't gain weight. It is against laws of thermodynamics.

Also, our body overtime adapts to a particular diet, our genes are that intelligent. If you eat any diet, like any diet over time your body will get used to it and form a equilibrium, you will neither lose weight or gain weight, you won't even feel hungry for more food.

Statement) It is hard for me to lose weight
Reply) Bitch shut the FUCK UP. Even today, after industrial revolution and technological advancement, around 20% percent of population are under weight and don't have proper nourishment. How you are able to swallow your food when there are children starving across the globe is beyond me. You have to be in top 1% of world to afford to be fat and bitch about it. You bitch about global warming and demerits of capitalism all the time, what about now

View attachment 1075188 Muh, Capitalism made me fat :foidSoy: :foidSoy: :foidSoy: :foidSoy:
View attachment 1075189 I will eat excess food instead of providing them

Statement) Men are fat too...
Reply) At least fat man agree they look like shit and are unhealthy. I have not met a single fat man irl that justifies his obesity. Almost all them admit it being their own fault and agree it would be for best of them to lose weight. Also fat men are more charismatic and not bitchy cunts like fat Whales.

Main Part

Statement) Fat woman are discriminated by society and are disadvantaged
Mens employment is affected by height and for woman its weight (https://www.theguardian.com/science...-height-and-womens-weight-drive-earning-power). The former can't control it and the latter and literally lose weight by diet in 2 months.

So if fat woman are disadvantaged then it's their own fault.

Also woman need to be discriminated for being fat because it can have lead to child development problems when they are pregnant. Fat people in general die faster than normal people, so we are kind of encouraging you to be healthy at this point

Here are how fat women are privileged than men

a) Woman retain their SMV after betting fat, while most men's plummets. Like from tinder experiments it is evident that guys will basically go with any woman irrespective of their weight

b) They don't face as much reparations for their bad health choices. Fat woman have more life expectancy and lesser health consequences like heart stokes than fat men. Is this not female privilege?

c) Jew media is pushing to normalize obesity. Like, nowadays every advert of Jewish Corps is always filled with sheboon nigger with a fat pathetic body. Why the fuck are Jews pushing obesity on us this much?

View attachment 1075223View attachment 1075225View attachment 1075230View attachment 1075232View attachment 1075234

View attachment 1075235

Are the corps even connected with the people they are advertising, at this point.

They are normalizing:
pedophilia through LGBT shit
unhealthy life style and low life expectancy through normalizing obesity
decreasing fertility rate through birth control and chemicals in water supply
destabilization of race relations with moments like Nigger LIves Matter shit
promoting feminism and faggot marriage to rip apart institution of marriage and family

I think we are looking at societal collapse in next 3 decades. Jews are fucking us over.

Bonus Soy

View: https://www.reddit.com/r/Feminism/comments/17uuy1n/how_society_treats_fat_women

Her username is Hungry_Lobster_1253. You can see the obesity and blue hair through the screen :feelskek::feelskek:

Observe the man-hating, if this was woman the sub would be nuked imediately

View: https://www.reddit.com/r/Feminism/comments/17uuy1n/comment/k96l4dv/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

"Being a fat woman, I can tell you that doctors refuse to see you as human" - cause you are not human you are whale

"She won't educate me about the PCOS or teach me what I should be eating. Literally everything I know about it, I learned on TikTok." - FUCKING I'LL KILL MYSELF. This bitch trusts tik-tok more than a trained doctor

"My GP ordered blood tests every 6 months and when they came back normal every single time she would say "I'm shocked you don't have diabetes" based on nothing but my weight." - because you can predict diabetes on food consumption dumb ass

"And people just LOVE to hate on fat people. And it's acceptable in society so it never stops." - First time? Short men have been experiencing this since childhood to whom should they complain them?

View: https://www.reddit.com/r/Feminism/comments/17uuy1n/comment/k98fh1n/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

"I’m old enough TikTok wasn’t yet around to teach me about PCOS" - USAcels is your education system this worse that you have to learn though tik-tok?

"In the meantime they “treated” my irregular cycle by prescribing birth control pills." - Exactly they are pushing birth control pills to make woman immfertile.

Great thread. Fuck fat cunts.

View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QYmStXdQqyM&pp=ygUYc2FtIGh5ZGUgZmF0IGFjY2VwdGFuY2Ug

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