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Serious now that it is ovER can i do this or is it selfish of me?



Feb 28, 2024
my features:
  • recessed chin
  • buggy eyes
  • 5'7
  • 5" dick
  • ugly face
  • overbite
my plan:
  • currently im 21 and will be finishing uni soon in around 3 years. chances of me bagging employment is v v grim since i spent all my uni years ldar and didnt study one bit
  • dating life never begun and since my only option would be to neetmaxx after uni because no job and im in a third world country so neetmaxxing is fucking humiliating even more so than it is usually since it entails having to live with your parents and being reliant on them since no neetbuxx for you third worlder :feelsclown:
  • so my plan is to save money for three years and gymmaxx so im somewhat intimidating and cant be frauded or easily taken advantage of and then move to the part of my country dabbling in heroin and basically waste away there doing heroin and fucking hookers until i run out of money and then hopefully OD or suicide some other way
the issues:
  • loving parents. at least my mom. but my dad caused my abused dog syndrome which is a big reason for my inceldom by abuse when i was around 4 years old
  • also the abuse led to me being suicidally depressed from age 12 which pretty much ruined my life let alone any chance of ascension
should i feel guilty for doing this? i dont know brocels. if i could get employment i would try and be alive with copes but that doesnt seem possible. what do i do brocels? please help i feel so lost. i need help.
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Keep studying, get money and cope until you die.
cope at least till you are 30 if by then nothing changes just go with your plan.
mogger way to go out btw, i will just od in my dark room
Cope or rope, buddy boyo.
Don't do it man. That should be your last resort plan.

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