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Serious Not giving a single attention & Not spending a single penny is the best thing you can do as a truecel



Totalenkrieg against Normgroids
Jun 22, 2023
I'm so serious about this my niggas. As soon as i realised that i was born as a truest truecel and it never began at very young age(like 11 or 12 - when i was in the primary school) i just gave up everything, and be a true giga autistic ricecel as much as i could.

I've never spent a single penny for my entire life even though i can say i moneymog almost 90% of normgroids and foids around my age in this country. Can't even remember when my last conversation with foids was. Maybe it was last summer and even about the official/public thing on my part time job. Some might say this is just another cope to justify my autistic behaviour but i will never change my opinion.

This is the best non-violent act you can show as a truecel. As Mahatma Gandhi once showed, Incels can also do this.
i avoid everyone in irl
last time i spoke to a person that wasn't a cashier was like in january
Yes. By participating in the economy we would be providing goods and services for Chad and Stacy.
Let Chad and Stacy go work in the coal mines
I only spend my money on energy drinks or dumbells/barbells
Just hord your money for no reason theory
Better than being poor
Id rather spend some money here and there then hord it all my life. Whats the point of being rich if you never spent any of it and you are fucking dead ?

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