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Normcucks and foids have no issue treating sub-5 and awkward MEN like shit but lose it when a disabled Chinese foid is used for laughs



Aug 18, 2018
Heads up: fairly long post and link

Background: I'm referring to Xiao Xiao. Some netizens call her Dobby, or, for some reason Jada. Her official name to my knowledge is Chen XIao Xiao. She's 36-37, but suffers from a rare form of dwarfism, and she looks like an old toddler. Her mental age is roughly that of a 3-4 year old.
She's from rural China, and her impoverished family used her for likes on Chinese social media, where she eventually got famous. Xiao Xiao has a nasty temper, and when things happen that she can't control or understand, she completely loses it (her IQ is too low to analyze situations), and starts venting at her parents in broken Mandarin. And then, after a tantrum, its not uncommon to go back to being cheerful again. Her family played this up, and make her angry by teasing her lightly (nudging her, picking her up unexpectedly, tugging her ear) so they can get a reaction -- her reaction being kicking her family or even grabbing the closest object she finds and swings at them with it. Most of the Chinese public loved this
After some complaints, the Chinese government banned her family from making more videos of her, but what they created is still available on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Normies (most of them foids) are outraged, saying things like "they tease her because she's ugly", "leave her alone", "stop bullying her" -- its funny, the ones that write this seem like the type of foids that made fun of kids like me in school --- unattractive, awkward, overweight (which I lost now, btw), and aspergy. It's only outrageous to them because Xiao Xiao is a foid.

FTR, Xiao Xiao's vids are fucking hilarious. The link below shows her "singing" with a cross-dressing singer (Xiao Xiao is the one in the red flowery dress), but its all for social media shits and giggles. There' plenty of more vids of her in different situations

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enonKa0zBeI
do u think anyone will read this?
Bring back eugenics.
Somebody please kill that fucking alien, do not let her reproduce.
Are you Chinese?
NGL first time I saw her, scared the shit out of me, but now I just find her funny in a fucked up way
It's funny because if that was a dude (like ricecel) everyone would be laughing so hard and making it another one of those "chinese memes"
It's funny because if that was a dude (like ricecel) everyone would be laughing so hard and making it another one of those "chinese memes"
I can already see jokes like what the chinese government was cooking in Wuhan.
Also, how the fuck do chinks even find this entertaining? Not only watching this shit gives me the heebie-jeebies but also it's fucking sad that nature fucked her up like this. If I were that thing, I would have roped immediately.
This is what chink foids look like without fakeup

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