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My Twisted Balls - a gay love story of me and Elliot Rodger



Nov 22, 2017
I will forever remember my first class in middle school. It was weird, a completely different place where I didn't know anyone. You could say I became an outcast right away. Most people have formed new friendships and groups by the time I was comfortable with socializing. It was pretty much over for me. There was also this quiet asian kid in my class - Elliot Rodger. He didn't talk much, just like me but I could smell there was something wrong with him - like he posts misogynistic content online or something. Couldn't quite put my finger on it...

Anyway, our biology teacher was really demanding. If there was a day when you had to do a shit ton of homework then it was probably because you had to write an essay about frog's digestive system. One day she came up with something different however. She split the class into 15 groups of 2 people and gave us a week to come up with a random biology project from the blackboard. Most people quickly found their pairs, a group of friends decided who should do what with whom, boyfriends paired up with their girlfriends and in the end - the only people without a pair were me and Elliot Rodger. Oh well, it had to happen. We had to choose a project about anatomical differences between men and women because all the other ones were taken. I introduced myself to Elliot. He gave me a glass of white wine like a true gentleman and we discussed the project. The rest of the class was looking at him surprised, probably because it was the first time they've seen him talk.

As we established the other day, we met in his house to gather info for the project. He was a total mess. He told me he played World of Warcraft all night. I went to his room to unpack my laptop. I noticed that he left his internet browser open. While checking out the monitor I saw all sorts of misogynistic internet forums. He saw me watching his stuff and became very angry, telling me not talk about it to anyone or he would stab me 94 times. He didn't even realize how much in common we have though... 

I just smiled at him. I looked into his beatiful eyes overflowing with tears. I knew it. He knew it. We were both incels, forever destined to be alone. "I don't want to be alone" - said Elliot. I hugged his tiny asian body with my god-tier 6'1 white mesomorph body. My hand slowly slipped to his buttcheek. "B-but I p-prefer g-gir..." he mumbled with a cracking voice. "Shhh, it's okay, it's okay... We have to put your cute feminine lips to good use..." I said. He calmed down. He knew he was safe in my hands, we understood each other. After gaining his trust, his small asian hand touched my penis through pants. After all these years without human contact, we were finally close. We understood how it feels like to touch a different person. Our wishes were finally fulfilled. Full of happiness and hope, Elliot pulled my pants down. "It's so big!" he screamed. I told him to take his time, get comfortable with my penis. He licked the pre-cum off my meatus and gently put it inside his mouth. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't gag on my whole dick balls-deep. "S-sorry, master. Your superior white dick is too big my for my tiny asian throat to fit in!" he said. After swallowing my cum without much hesitation, his face saddened down. "What's wrong?" I asked. He turned his head away in embarrassment, blushing. "I'm s-sorry master... I wasn't g-good enough to p-please you." he said, blushing even harder. I told him not to worry. I told him that he will always be my submissive cum dumpster boyfriend.

But then, his mother stormed inside the room. She couldn't believe her eyes. Elliot tried to calm her down. He explained how all of it was planned from the beginning. He told her that today is the final phase of his mastermind plan - The Day of Ejaculation. The asian mother, seeing a young tall man, representing the superior white race couldn't help herself, dropping her bra and panties and spreading her legs to please the white man. The sight of her fertile pussy was something I never thought I would see in my life. The spark in her eyes and her pink cheekbones clearly indicated she was ovulating. My inner instincts kicked in, my dick instantly reloaded and I was ready to impregnate her. I pushed her down on Elliot's bed, completely forgetting about him. There was only one thing that mattered now, and it was leaving a good quality offspring on this gay earth. "Yes, master! Cum inside my mommy, p-please! Share your superior seed with our family, master!" shouted Elliot. I turned into a fucking beast, there was nothing that could stop me now. I became the alpha male of this broken family. The sex was incredible. Elliot mother's pussy was so wet her fluids mixed with my previous cum were splattering all over the floor as Elliot carefully licked them off. I came harder than I ever did before. It was uncomparable to masturbation. I was fulfilled. I left a part of the next human generation. I created life, I created a new human being.

Then I ran the fuck away. Sex isn't everything you guys, it wasn't worth it, especially with child support.
Quite the balls twister, if i say so myself.
Lmao I have to admit that at the white wine part I laughed hard :feelskek:
wtf is this dude:feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:
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you will love him but he will never return, accept the loss, he is not even ashes anymore, is sad but true, incelated homo-romantic is not reasonable, not griffity-jealously
kek the last paragraph :feelshaha:
@BlkPillPres @Transcended Trucel
@Fat Link @Komesarj89 pin this lol, this was the funniest thread I ever read on this forum, literally can’t stop laughing
@Fat Link @Komesarj89 pin this lol, this was the funniest thread I ever read on this forum, literally can’t stop laughing
Done. :feelskek:
2017cels overtook 2022cels for who is the gayest with this thread alone :dafuckfeels:
"my twisted balls" title alone was great :feelskek:
Quite the balls twister, if i say so myself.
kek the last paragraph :feelshaha:
Yeah fuck this gay shit but the last paragraph was a bit funny ngl
Avg 2017cel
absolute state of the 2017cels
Not the first gay 2017 thread I've seen but I still can't believe how the different the forum culture was in the early days before the old jannies finally decided to boot lookism trolls out.
what the fuck
Damn I was in completely different world in 2017 :fuk:

I was 16 fully bluepilled subhuman :feelsbadman:

2017 was my last year of bluepilled fantasy I was in, I was brutally rejected and humiliated by all the girls I tried to be with

redpill phase started in 2018

2018 wasn’t even bad compared to where I am today which is fucking hell
I laughed the fuck out after reading this:feelshaha::feelshaha:
Straightest 2017 cel:lul::lul:
You're a faggot
But I have to admit, the text is full of funny referentions :feelskek:
This is one of the most beautiful stories ive ever read:lul::lul:the title,the references....its..its....perfection!!!!!:feelstastyman:
legandary post tbh :feelskek:
I would ascend with female ER
Read every word. This is one of the best shitposts I’ve ever read tbh. It’s on the level of the stand shitting one from forever ago. A truly supreme post if I do say so myself :feelshaha::feelsokman::feelsYall:

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