my conversation with a based muslim taxi driver

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Dec 23, 2018
- in taxi with based muslim driver
- music is playing on the radio, I tell him that music is haram and that he should play the quran instead
- he's impressed and he agrees, and asks me if im a muslim. To which I say yes (although im not)
- I ask him if he got any children. He says yes; 6 children of whom 3 are girls
- I ask him how he can afford to provide for such a large family. He says that he doesn't send his girls to school.
- I tell him that if he does not send his girls to school, they cannot become doctors
- He says yes, and is confused as to why I told him that
- I tell him that if his girls don't become doctors, a male doctor will have to tend to his wife if she falls ill
Driver processes what I just told him, moves his head around and looks at the mirror, he says: if wife becomes ill, i put wife away and get another one :redpill::feelshaha:

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Dec 3, 2018
God dammit what a fucking embodiment of a blackpill I hope you fucking tipped him good.


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Aug 7, 2018
.. but any one of his sons can become doctors and take care of his wife..

What a weird ass conversation you had.. not NT at all.. I bet you don’t even juul lmao @ you

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