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Blackpill Men more likely to leave Women after they get sick - Feminist Lies Debunked

Are there any studies about how many women leave their war mutilated husbands?
no, but we know that women initiate 70% divorces for certain, this has been confirmed multiple times:

Was watching foids cancer vlog when my Orgasm was spoiled by this comment:

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:feelswhat: :feelswhat: :feelswhat:

From experience, this is the polar opposite of reality.
Further down, foids were pointing to studies claiming men are more likely to divorce when their wife gets cancer.
I looked it up and there is a study on it:

Because I am aware of anti-male bias in academia (thread), I immediately tried to find someone examining the study critically.
The google front page was full of articles and reddit threads repeating this horse shit.

Especially this reddit thread reads like something outta bizarro world:

If this is how women see reality, then I don't know anymore. Some of this shit is clearly larp.

Quotes from that thread:

Straight outta RomCom or something. No human talks like this,complete larp.
These cunts are raised on Soaps and this is how they see reality.

We know that this can't be true because a man, especially a middle aged betabuxxer, simply can't get a 25 year younger wife. Men don't have this option. Again, these are soap opera plots.

Another Thing I will throw into the mix before linking the big Whammy:

"Dying for Sex."
This is a podcast I discovered a while back. This 40 year old roastie got diagnosed with deadly cancer.
She divorced, went on a fuck spree and documented it in a series of podcasts.
I have listened to some of them, they are for free.

1. Bitch went on tinder after "elaborately engineering her profile with a friend." She didn't like the people she met (couple, bitch went for threesome right away).
Then she went on tinder again, 10 minutes later, matched, and fucked a dude on the toilet. No comment.

2. Another time she ended up fucking this dude who worked in a garage that services cars for celebrities. She said she got fucked in the backseat of one of the cars.
Reminder, she was a 40 year old dried up roastie with cancer.

Her on the right, left is the foid she made podcast with:


Here is the podcast. You can find it for full online:

Just scroll down, its six episodes, its all the ones with "Molly" (her).

There is also a book:
Amazon product ASIN B08FXVPQRCView: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FXVPQRC/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=dfsbook-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=9c0b7a6cc1fe2174c8c4d13fdf5a1df1&creativeASIN=B08FXVPQRC

Now, back to the Title of this Thread.
Drumroll :hax:

The study was bullshit.

It was redacted later, they made a "coding error" :feelsseriously:

1. The researchers themselves did not detect the error, someone else did.
2. Intentional skewing of data, probably @WorthlessSlavicShit

That's it for now, have a good day everyone.

What did the data actually show?
What did the data actually show?
nothing, they literally fudged the data on purpose. They counted people that left the study as "divorced" and stuff, deliberately changed the numbers.
nothing, they literally fudged the data on purpose. They counted people that left the study as "divorced" and stuff, deliberately changed the numbers.
So the real numbers showed no difference?
Disgusting. Foids blatantly accuse men of the vile things they commonly do. It's projection.
Men don't have the option to just dumb their wife and get some other woman. Feminists literally make shit up to push false female victimhood.
Chads more likely to leave Beckies after they get sick
True, but these bosses hiring are men, and they enjoy having their illusion of an harem. Either if they bang their employees or not, it gives them a power trip.

You cant just blame foids for this. Theres something fundamentally wrong with humanity.
Blame foids? I had a hunch you were a foid worshipping faggot calling users here gay for not escortmaxxing. No shit, men enable foids' degeneracy. Maybe I cannot 'blame' foids for being hired over men but the harm they cause to the society by being economically independent more than warrants that. Of course a reddit fag like you couldn't hack it in here.
Read every word
that is also my experience from 13 years of being online and looking into this.
I have never heard of a husband dumping his gf or wife.
Men simply dont have the options to make such a movie, as they cant easily get another gf or wife.
From a mans perspective, dumping your gf is retarded.

All I ever hear about is women initiating divorce and shit. Not men.
Used to think it was because of medical insurance and bankruptcy reasons, and that men still loved their wives. I didn't know it was complete bullshit
if you read the article about how it was redacted, the researches themselves did not find the error.
An external team investigated the study and tried to replicate it but could not, because of a "coding error."
After that the study was pulled.
My bet is intentional error.
I think it's intentional. It's not just that they would get more media exposure or more government funding. It's also that scientists are measured by how often they're cited, and a scholar who gets cited by hundreds of Gender Studies roasties around the world is going to shoot up to the top of the ranks
The "study" is a propaganda to slander men
From a mans perspective, dumping your gf is retarded
Exactly it would go completely against everything a man works and lives for. For an average joe to get a foid to commit he needs big amounts of resources and it takes lots of time and energy. Lol guys will go through years of abuse at home and shit hoping their landwale will atleast birth them one child. Spending 10s of thousands only on things aimed at keeping their foid.

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