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List the little things you enjoy

Red Shambhala

Red Shambhala

Death to America
Nov 10, 2017
Some little things I enjoy:

- taking a huge shit while browsing the internet
- Amazon delivery arrives
- first cup of tea in the morning with internet
- when PC/PS4 doesn't work and then suddenly work again 
- listening to music early in the morning in the car
- listening to music while walking
- petting the cat
- masturbating / sexual escapism fantasies
- pizza
- having changed back into your comfy clothes at home and start browsing internet
- when a happening happens to norman and stacy
- when I made a girl laugh
- going to bed
- getting along with old people
Mass shootings
Collecting NeetBux
Making people laugh
Solving hard problems
Managing to talk to girls without appearing stressed or anxious
Seeing fat, deformed women that will never get Chad
Winning my lane in League of Legends
Taking showers and getting haircuts.
-Writting letter to my waifu
1st coffee and cig in the morning
Finding new fanart of my current favorite fictional character
Acid attacks, mass shootings, seeing femails stoned to death, seeing femails fall to death, passing by a cemetery and laughing at all the femail names, seeing femails cry, seeing femails struggle, seeing femails in pain, seeing femails get fired from their job, seeing femails get flamed, seeing femails get hit by men, seeing femails pussy pass denied, seeing femails hospitalized, seeing femails realize they are useless except for having a hole.

Man, the ultimate life fuel just thinking about that.

Did I forget to mention acid attacks?
Petting cats.
Being comfy in bed.
reading news about the upcoming nuclear winter, diplomatic crises around the world, the increasing unemployment and financial instability of many countries and so on.
- Drinking iced tea or any cold beverage after being so thirsty
- browsing the internet
- being on PSL forums
- playing videogames
- passing my classes
- mass shootings
- people killing other people
- pizza, cheese, and good food
- going to the movies
- looking at other people who are more miserable than me
- being in my room all day locked in not a care in the world
- listening to music when I drive
- waking up on the weekends
- jerking off and sexual fantasies
- walking out at night when it's a bit chilly while listening to music
- taking a nice cold shower after working out
- drugs
- etc etc
Femoids and normies suffering
LDARING in r/incels(RIP)
Petting my pussy just like you
- When something happens ( happenings )
- Taking 60 mgs of codeine after a long day outside
- HD porn
- PSL forums
- Rotting on Youtube and anime
- Sleeping when its cold and raining outside
I was thinking about making a thread like this a few days ago. People get so down here but the little things in life help a lot.

Looking at stars and trying to really fathom how mind-boggling far they are. YET I think there is virtually nothing between that star and me!

At the other end of the scale I remember sitting outside at a cafe reading a book and I noticed a tiny speck moving on the page. It was an insect so small it was smaller than the period on the book. Yet it had legs and possessed the coordination to actually move with a purpose in a direction, carry on other life functions, etc...

Listening to the birds in the morning when I'm in bed.
Working out/playing sports
Studying football/watching football
Studying Christianity
The Internet
volunteering for animals
playing obscure vidya
girls looking at me
chicken nugget day at uni cafe
- Going to bed when feeling tired and bedclothes have just been changed
- flow state when playing football
- pizza, coke and good tv
- getting home from work and knowing you don't have work for couple of days
Playing video games
Taking walks
games (GTA, csgo)
pizza (food in general)
hearing about terror attacks
Mass shootings
Fantasizing about changing society
Writing posts about my vision for a better world
Watching TV
Reading certain news articles
Watch Youtube videos
Seeing/Making Females suffer
The Islamic State (may Allah accept it).
I guess there's a few things I still enjoy, despite being so emotionally numb.

Playing video games of any kind.
Making digital drawings.
Playing chess.
Watching shows/movies.
Fapping, eating, and sleeping.
Browsing the internet and occasionally chatting with people.
studying maths
mass shootings
watching roasties breakdown and cry
listening to anime and video game music
taking long shits
going for walks early morning
The first smoke of the day
Lychee Iced tea
Tea in general 
Buying shit off ebay
Halo 2
My bed
My weighted blanket
Hot baths, hot beverages, hot meals, artificial warmth in general
Fantasizing and reading about technological progress/AI
TV series, movies and books, but I tend to be very picky about what I like
Thinking, having internal conversations in my head and verbally counterattacking imaginary ideological enemies
Virtual reality
Video games
Earning money and spending it on tech products/kickstarters
Getting along with old people
Petting cats
Watching the fire in my chimney
Being in absolute silence

I work out but I have never enjoyed it. It is a chore I do only for my health and self-image.

My whole life is mostly centered on avoiding people and retreating into imaginary worlds. The real world hasn't much to offer if you are ugly. I guess I could force myself to go out more but it just depresses and exhausts me.

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