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Let's play my incel adventure game!!

Dr. Autismo

Dr. Autismo

Foid punchER
Dec 22, 2023
Scenario A:

Your walking home after a walk around town.
What do you do here?

1: Take a short cut through an alleyway (go to 4).
2: Take the long way home (go to 5).
3: You decide to grab some grub (go to 6).

Scenario B:

4: oh no, you've had the misfortune to come across Dr. Autismo and he's in a pretty pissed off mood.
He wallops you square in your noggin and he runs off, just like what he did to that 18 year old foid in march like the based chad he is.
This random, senseless act of purely unprovoked violence has just resulted in your untimely death.
Start over.

5: You take the long way home, but you see quite a few couples.
It makes you seethe.
What do you do?
Do you go ER (go to 7) or control your emotions and ignore them? (go to 8).

6: You go to an area of town with quite a few eateries (go to 9).

Scenario C:

7: you go ER and attack the everliving fuck out of one cutesy teen couple that mog you to the shadow realm.
Your little rampage seems to catch the attention of some bystanders.
What do you do?
Do you run away (go to 10) or continue going ER (go to 11)

8: you control your emotions and ignore them, you mind your own business and march through them.
But doing so left a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.
But hey, your closer to home.
As you walk pass an alleyway do your home, you see a white whore getting slapped by her nigger boyfriend.
To be a white knight, go to 12, or to ignore her and get home, go to 16.

9: You see a pizza place you like, but there's a couple sitting by the window, smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves.
What do you do?
Do you enter and try to ignore them? (go to 13) or do you lose your appetite and go home? (go to 16)

Scenario D:

10: You run away and try to get home as fast as you can.
You hope that the jerkops won't catch you.
Go to 16..

11: You continue to go ER on the locals and they whip out their phones to call the jerkops on you.
And they have no mercy towards pathetic, subhuman cels like you.
To run home, go to 16.
To surrender, go to 14.
To off yourself go to 15.

12: You step into the alleyway to white knight for that white whore who'll never be into you.
You try to fight off the nigger, but he heightmogs and strengthmogs you.
And best of all, he pulls out a knife and impales you.
He and his whore both fuck off and leave you alone to die in the alley.
Start over.

13: You enter the pizza place, make an order and wait for the pizza to cook.
While it's cooking you silently seethe at that fucking couple.
After what feels like an eternity, you receive your pizza and leave to go home (go to 16)

Scenario E:

14: You surrender when the jerkops arrive, they arrest you and have you in custody.
Lady justice is not very merciful towards you, she sentences you to a few years in prisons.
You'll be released eventually, but you'll peak and slay when your old... right?
Game over.

15: Not wanting to go to prison, you go to a secluded area and end your life, jerkops can't arrest a deadcel.
News of your rampage hits the headlines, your name and face are all over the news and normies and boomers will forever view you as an evil murdering monster.
But you will be immortalise and receive sainthood from others like you, like the saints who come before you.
Game over.

16: You make it back home, safe and sound.
You rest your weary body on the bed and relax.
You feel so safe and comfortable within the walls of your own home.
Just a shame you don't have anyone to share this environment with.
Game over.

Thanks for playing.
Let me know of the route you took.
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Going ER and killing myself sounds good (In postal):smonk:
Dr. Autismo

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