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News [Kekfuel]Blind Recruitment Trial to Boost Gender Equality Making Things Worse, Study Reveals

I can't best remember, it was a while ago. I think it was this:
Jfl- countless pieces of evidence continue to come forth, which just affirm what we are saying here.

I genuinely wonder how some "people" can see how clear & obvious many blackpills are, whilst remaining chained to their bluepilled & NPC-tier worldview.
That is another thing I wish to write on, since I have this theory that only the non-NT can truly be blackpilled, yet that is a topic for another thread I am working on.

Every single argument which is in favor of the blackpill relies on scientific literature, statistics, etc. Every argument against it, lies on any of the following:
There's no "blind recruitment" once they see my face

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