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Venting "Just look in the right place, bro" people need to go man, swear to god...



Jun 20, 2022
Its getting tiresome as shit.

Every FUCKING TIME someone complains a tiney bit about anything, there comes a normie and says this fucktard bs.

What if i already looked in the right place? What if this doesnt have shit to do with anything?

Sports, media, entertainment, hobbies, music. If the mainstream of these things suck, what makes you think the underground of them will be any better?

How many shitty indie bands i have to listen to find a single good song?

But, curiosly in relantionships, they do an 180 and say "just stop looking and the right one will come, bro"

Which is even stupider, cause only a chad would have such a privilege. Most men have to meander through looking for one or they will die alone.

End of rant.
It's a problem of lack of empathy. Foids don't even comprehend what it is to be a man, and they don't want to because the feminist doctrine made them believe that men are inherently privileged and bad. They don't see how easy it is for them to find the right guy, even for those who aren't attracting all the attention like Stacey. They ALL get some attention, and they all attract several good guys somehow. Men however don't attract any foid attention, unless they are Chad tier. Those Chads are the one they think of when they talk about patriarchy.
Right one will come after banging all the chads and needing something stable that won’t cheat
You just need to find the needle in a haystack

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