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Story June 2033

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Just Replace Them Already
Jun 26, 2019
So I made a post awhile ago which I can't seem to find or pull up due to the site being buggy. A user requested that I expand upon the story a bit, so I rewrote it. In the distant but not to distant future boyos. If we don't rope, we might get to experience this.

I felt a slight nudge on my shoulder. A finger running down my back.

"Wake up, you need to start your new routine."

My eyes cracked open, the light blue hue of morning twilight doused the bedroom. I then felt nails running down my back, making circles.

"Don't make me get you up", she leaned into my ear and whispered. Perhaps a threat, perhaps a dare, you never really knew with her. I grudgingly turned towards her and examined her. She was laying down, head resting on the pillow facing sideways towards me. Green eyes framed by light brown hair and a playful grin at the bottom. Her small, slightly upturned nose protruded gently from her face, her eyebrows color matched to her hair. She then leaned in and kissed me.

"Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, I guess. Last night was fun" I answered, my smirk growing to match her smile. She then sat up in the bed. She wore a white, transparent, lace nightgown with no underwear. She tossed her hair with her hands erotically before facing me again.

"I had lots of fun too. I absolutely love to see you happy. Maybe we'll do it again today, the kids are at the summer camp for the next few weeks". She got up from the bed and walked around to the bathroom, where the lights turned on. The nightstand lamps also turned on as well and the room was bathed in warm yellow light. I was greeted with the sight that was common yet never mundane. Her large breasts kept the small baby doll in near perfect suspension above her petite naked body. Her nipples budded through the lace, the bottom of her buttocks fully exposed, left uncovered and abandoned by the inadequate length of the gown. No matter how many times I saw her like this, it always got me aroused.

"I know. The bus came and picked them up around 5 yesterday. They seemed excited to go." I paused briefly, admiring the sight before my eyes."When did you put on that gown?"

"A little after we were done. You were already asleep, so I decided to make myself look nice for tomorrow morning. I know this gown was one of your favorites. We've had it for a long time."

"I bought that for you over 10 years ago", I chuckled. "You've never looked bad in that."

"I know. Its shows my best features." She shook her body slightly, her breasts moving back and fourth. She smiled again and began to comb her hair.

I crawled out of bed, barely putting on my boxers, left on the floor after last night's festivities. I moved to the bath room with her.

"Izzy, what are you going to wear today since the kids are gone?" She turned towards me and placed her hand on my cheek.

"I could keep this on, since you like it so much. Or I could change into something else."

"I don't want you to risk that gown. Its practically an antique. Put something a little less delicate on."

"Some jeans? Or some athletic pants instead? What do you want me to wear?"

"Surprise me, babe." I kissed and hugged her and went to the workout room.


Halfway through my cardio routine, I began to smell a familiar smell. Bacon and hashbrowns flooded the house with their scent, and the occasional clanging of pots and pans could be heard. I continued on and watched the news. A weather report flashed across the screen with a female voice blaring the day's forecast.

"Hello, today is Tuesday, June 7th, 2033. Today's forecast for the majority of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky metropolitan area; highs in the mid 50's with a 30% chance of showers near mountainous areas. Winds ESE at 15 mph."

"Typical. I wonder what those boys are up to, hopefully the mountains don't have too much rain." I thought to myself what led me here in first place.

"That war fucked up a lot of us." I stopped the machine and got off and sat down for a minute. Several men from my company resettled in Russia following the second American Civil War, many of them throughout the Kamchatka Peninsula and further north in many of the small unincorporated communities in the Russian Far East. I looked to my watch and called my squad mate Marcus. It went straight to voicemail.

"Hey Mark, I was wondering if you could come down for a bit and chat about some stuff. Thanks, Dave."

Izzy's petite frame appeared at the door, wearing a short athletic shorts, a T shirt and a cooking apron. She looked around the room, perhaps detecting something out of the ordinary had happened.

"Breakfast is ready baby sweet." She looked at me with a concerned expression, "Are you okay?"

I looked to her. "I'm fine babe. Just thinking about something." I stood up and stretched before walking to her and hugging her. "We'll be fine."

When we arrived at the kitchen, Isabella had prepared a banquet. Hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, and sausage. She grabbed a small bowl of fruit and placed it on the counter.

"That's so much food Izzy. Its just me. Why did you-"

"You called Marcus earlier. I know he likes to eat a lot. Besides, the eggs were about to expire. You can eat the leftovers tomorrow for breakfast. Also, I need more fluids sweety." She pointed to the cabinet where her fluids were stored, near barren.

We took our seats at the dinette, looking out of the bay windows over the misty woods into the choppy sea below us. She drank her daily supply of fluids and turned on the television. She flipped it to the international news channel, RT International.

"Multiple reports of military offenses throughout North America continue to come in. The New Western Republic has issued a declaration of war against the People's Republic of California and Pacific Union following numerous coordinated military strikes early Sunday morning. The cities of Redding and Medford in the disputed Jefferson region were targeted by a artillery barrage believed to have killed 1500+. The Russian Federation has pledged full support to the NWR in its fight against these aggressors.

In other news, feminists throughout Europe, Japan and North America continue to demonstrate against new sex robots, claiming they "severely damage women's rights and lives". Several large marches are planned, with as many as 35 million women total marching today. Organizers pledge a 50 million strong women's march if their demands aren't met, with dozens of more marches planned in the next few days. A woman who was a part of the now 2 million strong March in Washington DC was asked about the situation."

The camera panned and zoomed out to show a blue haired woman, possibly 300+lbs riding a scooter in a large pack of women, each riding scooters.

"It was never supposed to be like this. We go to work everyday for long hours and come home to our empty apartments. We as women deserve better, but every man I try to approach wants nothing to do with me. Many of these men have holograms and sex robots. There are entire illegal and misogynistic online forums dedicated to these machines."

A slim but visibly aged woman butted in. "The welfare check barely pays anything anymore and all the men worth anything are leaving and going to Asia. There is constant crime and instab--"

Isabella muted the television. "I'm going to go charge a bit. Do you want anything else?"

I smirked. "No go ahead babe." I drank the last drops of my orange juice. "I need to charge too." I kissed her and then grabbed some coffee from the pot and sat in the common room. Isabella walked into her charging station.

"I wonder when Mark will be here?"

Pls r8 and pls no bully
i think its good and i would like to see more of it up here on this forum as it gets a little boring going over foids and shit so this is refreshing.good attempt and keep it up.
Continue more. You did good job tbh
I read the whole thing. I want to see more, tbh.
Thanks to all of those who commented and voted. :feelsokman:

See my username. I cope to maintain hope. Without hope, you rope. Also, its a good cope. Probably the best one tbh.
man as much as i just watch videos, i've always loved reading. you have an avid supporter OP. Hope to see more content soon.
Good read tbh, would read more.
Damn, bro! Very good tbh. Read every word of it, I absolutely love vivid imagery you have there.

Go ahead and write some more, I'm curious.

Do you write a lot, when did you start? Any inspirations?
Didnt read but you should write more
Over for stephankingcels
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Thanks guys. I'll write more later. Currently stuck wageslaving.
Don't go ER, OP
Dude you need to continue this. I need a fantasy of a european home with a fembot.
Dude you need to continue this. I need a fantasy of a european home with a fembot.
It won't be a fantasy much longer hopefully. Also RIP to b& cels. Gone but not forgotten.

Also nice necro
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bookmarked but unironically
Early 2030s is when the nukes will go off.
Did we ever got more?

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