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Experiment Is this is a viable solution to stop the invasion of Niggers ?

Separate everybody by race instead of nationality
Race war when
Niggers are rampant and out of control . This is a prototype of course . But if this made on a larger scale it would solve the mass migration of Niggers world

View: https://twitter.com/gunsnrosesgirl3/status/1735716483257286682

IMG 2058
The problem with going ER is you only get one shot. Makes the choice so tough,

Mow down a crowd at a fraternity party?? Or mow down the crowd at a BLM rally?!
Alright, but how does this apply? Niggers love Italian food
no. They are already preparing us for "climate refugees" so expect things to get much worse.
be glad all of us will die before the whole world gets full of niggers

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