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Venting Instagram need to be made illegal



Aug 21, 2018
before the obesity crisis this Becky would be a solid 4. Now due to Instagram and most women being land whales this girl has almost 100k followers and she’s barely old enough to drive, this is insane, why is this legal? She’s not even that great looking, but what average guy is going to be able to compete for her attention when she lives on this fake reality of social media?

Before the obesity crisis this would be a solid 4. She has an okay body but is possibly missing teeth? And just looks like a Becky next door. Fuck social media for glorifying this solid 4 and making women think they are something special because they have a simp army.

This is exhibit A for making social media illegal.

Lmfao and in her profile it says “model” gtfoh
Ban all social media and gas the jews
Force all normies to use .org and destroy that site hahajahaahah
fuck instagram niggers for ip banning all my accounts
IG is a cancer. I see A LOT of foids attention whoring there, showing off perfect lives and playing victim. All at the same time.

There was this one I blocked and reported because all her content was bragging/play victim about how thin and tall she was, how she's bullied, etc. None of that is true. She's a hot, white, tall foid experiences they biggest privileges there ever were in this planet.
All social media should be banned.
Fucking attention seeking whores
Her looksmatch is paragon on .is

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