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Incel trait: You have meltdowns

Dr. Autismo

Dr. Autismo

Foid punchER
Dec 22, 2023
I had an emotional, mental meltdown today a few hours ago.
I punched a few holes in my wall and got blood all over my knuckles, scratched my face with my fingernails, cried my eyes out and screamed "I'M UGLY!" a few times in my bathroom.
Why did I do that?
Let me set the scene:

It's a bright and sunny may sunday here in my town.
The sun was out, the sky was blue and lots and lots of gorgeous, fit and healthy young women were out and about with their friends, family and sometimes boyfriends.
And of course, they were kitted up in their summer dresses, tank tops, short shorts and flipflops.
Seriously though, there are an absolute fuck ton of beautiful, stunning in my town, it'll make you feel like you died and went to heaven.

Despite that though, these are women who hate me, do not like me, are not attracted to me and will never kiss me or have sex with me.
They'll most likely be disgusted by the very thought of that, that'd rather rope than go on a date with me.
The rage within me was building up, I seriously wanted to punch another random foid square in her fucking head.
Even though I didn't because I don't want the jerkops paying me a visit, I did intentionally barge into a few foids in town.
I barged into one on purpose, and she dropped something and yelled "hey!", I ignored her.

I even intentionally barged into one foid with a boyfriend.
She made a shocked, gasping noise when I barged into her, I hope I hurt her.
The boyfriend was a middle-class, normie, I easily heightmog and framemog this faggot (I'm not heightbragging!), and I think the foid was taller than him too.
As I was walking off, he said "uh, excuse me?", he didn't try to chase me, he won't try to fight me, I would have fucking killed him if he dared come after me.

He very likely grew up living with his educated, successful parents in a big house on a safe street and going to a nice, posh school.
Meanwhile, I grew up in a broken home with a large, poor, dysfunctional family on a pissy neighbourhood in a shitheap town.
I doubt that fag has ever been in a fight in his life, but I have.
When I was in school, a kid threw a rock at my head and it left me with a scar that I still have.
And one of my front teeth got chipped when I got kicked in the jaw not long later at the school playground.

I bet his skanky, slutty little whore was all hot and horny over me barging to her than her fag normie pet.

I did vent my frustrations about foids hating me to Phil the dosser downtown, but of course, his advice was worthless.
He tried to gaslight me by saying "women don't hate you, your not ugly, this hatred is all in your head, you just haven't found the right one yet!"
If they didn't hate me and if i weren't ugly, then why can't i attract women, why don't I have a gf!?
Fucking seriously, I hate hearing normies say that shit to me.
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Accepted defeat around 16-18 y.o age
I was very angery young man
Were you always so low inhib?

How did u obtain a low inhibition?

(Assuming you aren't larping)
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I love holding my emotions in and not expressing them so I can just cry for an hour at night when no one’s awake
Personality still matters.
Focus on yourself first, then girls are more likely to be interested in you.

Nah just kidding, women would rather fuck a dog than fuck an incel with a "good" personality.
you sound mentally ill as fuck. and im not trying to bully u by saying this. being that low inhib prob means u have a few screws loose literally.
dont get that many meltdowns. mostly autistic shutdwons

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