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incel trait: people have to put their ears close to you so they can listen to you



silly inkler
Nov 29, 2023
this has been a problem for me since ever, and everytime I force myself to speak at "normal" volume, my voice gets cracked and hoarsed, so I just don't care anymore and I just repeat myself till they listen
I hate It when i have to repeat myself
Over for voicecel

And 95% of the time a voicecel is short and/or ugly and/or not-NT
I'm an earcel due to the 'tism.

If there's lots of other people talking or a lot of noise in general it becomes very hard for me to hear what someone is telling me.
sometimes I try to speak a little louder right out the gate at the start of a convo and immediately get hit with a "Huh?" because I'm still talking so quietly
Happened to me many times
Yea, another made up incel trait.

Incel trait is you are ugly as fuck due to your genetics, therefore no women want to be in a relationship with you and society treats you like shit.
I'm like this.

In regular conversation, I speak very softly. In public, I speak too loud.
Nigga just talk louder
a disgusting (to normies) incel wouldn't have people going close
yes and im not assertive at all
super high inhib
You know you can fix that... get speech therapy

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