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Incel dreaming

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Nov 10, 2017
curious as to what kinds of dreams/ nightmares you all have. 

I keep have this same dream where roasties come up to me only to ask about a good looking Chad friend I have to go out with him. i only  have this friend in the dream, but it pretty much encapsulates how life as an incel is. Roasties want nothing to do with you unless for chad dick.
as of lately I only dream about loneliness, used to have erotic dreams
I keep dreaming of fucking prime jbs.
I had two dreams lately I remember because they both involved violence. Copy-paste from blog because too lazy: 

I dreamed about being in one of these “Scream“-movies together with some of the guys I went to school with. Later, I found myself alone in a foggy doorway that was only dimly illuminated by a bluish light. Being aware of how cheesy horror movies work I knew that it was my time to die now. So I took heart and followed the light until I eventually found myself in a kitchen. There were pots and pans. I turned around and saw two monster girls, young women, one of whom had a skeleton face. I knew that they would kill me now and I was very afraid. I didn’t want to be afraid. It might have been my destiny to be killed now, all according to script, but I didn’t want to be afraid, didn’t want to go out without a fight. So I looked around the kitchen and picked a pan and a pot with chili con carne in it and banged them together a couple of times until the sound was loudly echoing through the room. Having pumped myself up thoroughly and managed to get angry rather than scared, I eventually screamed and leaped towards the monster girls, reached out with the pan to hit the nearest one across her fucking skeleton face, and anticipating the satisfying sound her crushing bones would make, I finally woke up. 

I dreamed that I was in a college class that took place in a space shuttle. The space shuttle had a classroom attached to it and every week we would fly into space, with the professor steering the space shuttle, and his female assistant holding the actual class. Obviously, the class mostly consisted of young college students, but there also were two adult men in the room: me and some punk guy with dreadlocks. Not the dirty, unwashed kind of “punk guy”, but rather the type you might run into in all these social and education circles; the type who works in an orphanage and with drug-addicted teenagers – as a street worker, social worker, community organizer. That type. Now, whenever the teacher asked a question she always picked two of the girls she seemed to be particularly fond of, whereas whenever I raised my hand and wanted to state my opinion, she ignored me. After a while I became infuriated over being ignored and concluded that only brutal violence can help me now. Standing up and angrily walking towards the teacher, I was blocked by some cuck: skinny, glasses, prematurely balding, pale and sickish; somehow managing to look both older and younger than he probably was. I pushed him aside and glanced over to the other adult guy in the room: the punk smiled and gave me a nod. Apparently, he, too, came to the conclusion that some good old fashioned violence was necessary now. We just wanted to attack when our space shuttle suddenly began to shake tremendously, and out of the front window we could look down over a crowded street scene. Somehow, the people walking on the street were both humans and yet not human. For a while, I was puzzled over that but then came to realize that the puzzles of life are no reason not to violently do what is to be done. Then I woke up.
I haven't remembered a dream in a while.
I mostly have nightmares, maybe I get good dreams like 1/10th of the time.

Last night I dreamed that I was on a fishing boat being stalked by an orca. I couldn't see anything in the pitch black of night but I could hear it hunting penguins and seals. I tried shooting through the ice to scare it away, but when it surfaced it looked big enough to capsize the boat. I tried to sail to land when morning dawned but the boat gone marooned in the shallows.

The night before, I dreamed that I had killed someone for their land and was wanted by the police. They chased me around an airport as I searched for a sharp object with which to perforate my throat so that I may die before I serve prison time.

Running from police is a heavily recurring dream for me.
A lot of my dreams involve someone killing me, or at least trying to.
man i carn hardly remember my dreams most of the time when im drinking, but i know they are good life fuel dreams suprisingly
All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
On a normie's day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was on incels.is
Incel dreaming
On this normie day
I have :

Suicide dreams
Anxiety dreams
Girlfriend dreams

The suicide dreams are nice, I kill myself in them and normally wake up with a serenity. I wake up a little confused thinking "But, I killed myself, how am I here?" but I soon realize it was a dream. They are nice.

Anxiety dreams are just dreams about other people in my family doing shit to cause me problems, giving me yet more responsibility or creating problems I have to deal with. Just make me feel bad knowing they're likely to happen.

Girlfriend dreams are shit. I had one last night where we were sitting beside each other but there was only one armrest and we playfully pushed each other off. I woke up feeling fucking terrible and now I will feel terrible for a couple of days, although tonight I'm drinking until I pass out so hopefully that rests my shit-feeling.

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