[RageFuel] Imagine thinking giving an incel the time of day is a fate worse than inceldom


Christmas avi mogging all non-christmascels
Dec 11, 2018
Women are abused and raped by 10 inch chad cocks all the time while leaving average guys to rot/kill themselves.

The average guy has become so desperate that he decides to approach his looksmatch.

Instead of giving him a chance, she spits on her looksmatch and fucks chad.

The incel falls into depression caused by this. A woman would rather have depressed, suicidal looksmatched men in the world than her even thinking for one second to not fuck a male model. She would just have to give it up ONCE to cure a human male desperate for affection.

Would they do that?

Of course not.

Enslave holes and murder chads 2019, I say

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