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If you had the option to never work again, would you go back to wageslaving in order to have a wife/family?


  • Stay as a comfy NEET but be alone forever

    Votes: 12 54.5%
  • Go back to wageslaving to have a wife and family

    Votes: 10 45.5%

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Apr 6, 2020
Let's say you get a decent amount of money (like a few 100k) enough that as a single person you can sustain yourself off of investments and never have to work again. You can spend all your time playing video games and shit with 0 responsibilities and total financial stability. But in order to have a wife and kids you would have to go back to wageslaving to provide for them. Would you do it?

Stay as a comfy NEET but be alone forever​

Ill stay a comfy NEET. I dont wanna risk getting divorceraped and raising kids that are likely not mine
I just want to have a normal life with a foid and kids. Most families aren't normal nowadays, lots of mental illness, conditional love etc. But still.
as a sub5 wife would hate you and treat you like shit, kids won't be your as well.
Knowing myself i would probably chose option one due to hard anxiety because its much better version of what I already live and option two is unknown territory.

If the wife is loyal (fantasy scenario) and I get a decent job with decent place to live with her, then I would chose this.
Assuming that my wife would love me care abot about me I would choose option 2.
Jfl at the neetmaxxers
For no apparent reason, the beginning of fallout4 came to my mind. I would rather to have a wife and baby in a nice house and wageslave at the same time like a normal human than to leave with heavy depression and anxiety induced from loneliness.

I'm suffering in my 30's as a lonely man. You don't want to leave alone for the rest of your life. All copes have an end
I think it would give me lifefuel to wageslave and motivation.
If she's a loyal loving wife and the kid is mine, then sure. Otherwise it's neet then eventually rope.
Loneliness kills.

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