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How do you guys feel during the holidays? How do you cope during them?



Nov 7, 2017
Holidays are coming up, first thanksgiving, then Christmas and finally new years. How do you guys feel during these holidays? And how do you cope with being an Incel during the holidays?
I always feel way more deppresed during these holidays because I always see couple's going out to holiday parties, go shopping, and being together. Meanwhile I'm still alone.
I liked them just fine whilst my mother was alive. Now that she's gone and I am alone, I won't enjoy it as much. I like the food though. I hermitcel all year around, so it doesn't matter to me; I prefer winters as they are perfect LDAR weather.
increase in suicidality
I don't celebrate kuffar holidays
I like Thanksgiving because my fam gets together and eats, and I like the food they cook. Not to mention I get to stay indoors for a long weekend. I like Christmas as well since I get to have a break from studycelling and eat good food that the fam cooked. I don't care for New Year's, but one thing I hate about Christmas and New Years is all the fucking ruckus people make and the fireworks and all that bullshit.
16h on the pc everyday, that way I don't think about anything else
kodoku said:
16h on the pc everyday, that way I don't think about anything else

Nice. When you spend all day on pc holidays don't even matter anymore.
Holidays is the best example of how inceldom AKA bad genetics will waste your life

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