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Blackpill how being ugly affects u



May 26, 2022
Being unattractive as a man means nature has chosen you to be the loser and this sentence will remain for as long as you live. You only live once and you will not experience the joys in life which attractive boys do, especially when it comes to social development with both genders, romantic and sexual development with girls and cognitive development as a result of life experiences with girls. Girls will not have any social or sexual interest in you. That means there will be no joyful experiences and romantic development with girls. You will not learn how to connect with girls, how to communicate with girls, how to feel what girls want from you and how to be a good romantic and sexual partner to girls. You will not experience the blessings of a girls touch, kiss and sexual attention she can give. There will be no intimacy and no joy in sexual pleasures, and therefore no development in how to please women sexually. You will not experience looks of desire in girls' eyes and the immense positive things it does with your ego and self esteem. Therefore there will be an immense gap in all the physical and mental health benefits that romance and especially sex gives for both your mind and body. Sex has untold benefits for your self esteem and confidence, especially when you as a man can give girls orgasms; the ultimate confirmation that you are sexually desirable to a (multitude of) woman. Orgasm is very important for bonding with your partner, but the ability to induce orgasm in women is strongly connected to your facial sexual attractiveness. Studies on male sexual attraction and female affairs have shown that women self-report experiencing significantly better, longer and more intense orgasms when having sex with attractive symmetric men. Women that have affairs with more attractive and -symmetric men also reported much better and stronger orgasms with them than from their regular (less attractive) partner or husband. The ability to give good and satisfying sexual pleasure to women is mostly dependand on how attractive you are as a man. Unattractive men are mostly unable to give good sex. Good sex and good orgasms are good for your physical and mental health, and ofcourse selfesteem and confidence. Attractive symmetric men are also more chosen as affairpartners. Unattractive men are mostly never chosen as an affairpartner by women. Also, when unattractive men do manage to find a girl, which does happen, he is more likely to become a victim of a cheating partner. In relationships where the man is underaverage (or nowadays even average) there is significantly higher infidelity by women. The reason for infidelity is often the lack of passion, good sex and most of all the lack of powerful orgasms during copulation; but the real reason is simply that she is not really attracted to you. She may like you for who you are, but for good sex she is not attracted to you, but someone else. Studies performed by Thornhill et al showed that female copulatory orgasm is more or less only reserved for attractive and symmetric boys to give. In this study there was also shortly mentioned that some of the female participants faked their orgasms with their regular less attractive partners but recieved good orgasms from their more attractive affairpartners. When women are infidel with more attractive boys the sex is much better for her. Because of these good orgasms women will develop a much stronger bond with these attractive men. So the conclusion here is also detrimental for unattractive men. Attractive men have the capability to generate much stronger emotional loving bonds with women. Sex is good for your ego and gives you feelings of joy and an incentive to live; knowing you will have sex again with girls gives a good feeling and boosts your confidence. You are attractive to girls and being chosen by girls for sex is a very special and beautiful experience in your only life and most of us can relate to this in being truthful. Unattractive men suffer deeply because they will not experience these wonderful things, these wonderful experiences with girls. A rotten miserable depression is a very common and likely consequence of the realisation that not a single girl will want you for sex and romance, something that they will give to attractive and sexy boys. Jealousy will be a big thing in your life, with again more psychological and emotional pain giving severe depressions as a consequence. No kissing, no hugging, no holding hands, no looking each other in the eye with desire, no stroking, no teasing, no foreplay, no sex, no afterglow after sex, no falling asleep together and no living together. There will also be no success on dating apps because women will not have any sexual interest in you. For casual sex and sexual pleasure it is almost always facially attractive and symmetric men that are chosen. Instead, there will be just you alone every day desiring these wonderful things, day after day, year after year. And as a bonus, commonly the mean and unpleasant treatment from your attractive pears around you. It is not in principal that you as an unattractive boy/man will always recieve negative and degrading treatment, most often you will just simply be ignored as a ghost. This is because nobody wants to hang out, socialise or be friends with a facially and physically unattractive individual. People want to hang out with attractive individuals, it is part of climbing the social ladder and getting higher up in the dominance pyramid hierarchy. Being attractive gives you significantly more chances to get in touch with other attractive people. Sexually succesful men almost always choose other succesful men as friends or contacts to hang out with. Unattractive boys are most often not welcome in social groups consisting of sexually attractive and -succesful men. Being unattractive makes people walk away from you; you are not a priority and there is no benefit hanging out with such an individual. I remember going in discos and bars in summer holiday resorts only seeing attractive young people being happy and having a good time. Rarely unattractive boys, and when they were present, boy did they pay……The social treatment you get is totally different and downright discriminate as opposed to what attractive people get. And sexual treatment? None whatsoever for the ugly guys. Not a talk nor a single kiss. Kissing too is very different for unattractive men. One of my neighbours, in his 50′s, never kissed a girl once in in his life, compared to a facially attractive friend of mine who kissed hundreds of girls over the years, not to mention the mountain of women who asked him to go home with them afterwards. Being unattractive will basically prevent you from living and experiencing the joys that romance and sex will give to your mind, soul and body. And for a man, this is painful. So painful that suicides because of this are common and becoming more and more common and prevalent. Being sexually attractive has much more meaning. There is no more fundamental judgement than this since sexual attractiveness is basically your worthiness to make and give life to new offspring. Living without sex is not a good thing and it is taboo to say that you want to have it your life. I too had much difficulty in my teenage years which changed when i got older, for which i am very grateful. During my teenage years in highschool it was very often the case that the ugly boys were rediculed, mocked and emotionally teased by the sexually attractive boys and girls which had better physiques and stronger bodies. One of my horrible experiences was that i fell in love with a girl and when she found out about this, she deliberately stood in front of me and passionately kissing her boyfriend and touching his crotch whilst they both looked at me at the same time making sure i felt horribly miserable. He said “you will never have this with your ugly face” and she smiled in a very mean way keeping her eyes halfway closed. This is just one example of how ugly guys are reminded of their uglyness and also rubbed in their brain what their quality is as a human being. But things like this happened to other boys too, and worse, like being being beaten up, punched, kicked and emotionally tortured with very mean remarks and comments about their looks. For me things changed in my 20′s when i started working out a lot and adopting a healthy lifestyle. It helps if you are average or under average. Keep working on yourself. I am not saying it will give you a guarantee to girls and sex, but at least it will bring you to a better version of yourself. I am not a hot guy, but apparantly good enough for romance and sex for which i am very grateful and made me a much happier and confident individual. These things do make life worth living and it is understandable that not having these things, because of your looks, destroys your hopes and dreams for a happy desired life. I predict that prostitution will become an even more booming business in future society with the amount of lonely emotionally broken (young) men rising in the way it does. Todays society is for the biggest part about status, looks and money and the joys in life that these things bring; more status, sexual experience, development and validation, and ascendance in society. Science has proven over and over again that looks matter most in the game of love and sex, because attractiveness equals health and ugliness equals unhealth. I notice that slowly there is more open meanstream discussion about being unattractive, sexlessness and loneliness and the negative consequences in brings for an individuals life. But sadly, there is no solution for this, apart from prostitution. Life is unfair and attractiveness is very unfairly distributed. Life is brutal, that is just the way it is. And most of the joys of life do go to the attractive portion of people, especially romance, sex and all the healthbenefits that come with these things. Appearance matters. And for good reasons. Always was and always will. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty has a pattern and the more a face diverges from this pattern, the more unattractive it is. With horrible consequences. Better to have had sexual success and lost it as you get old than never having had it at all.
Broooo put some spaces on between those plz (saving you from noreply pill because of that)
I didn't read, I'm sorry. But I'm ugly, so my life is shit.
I didn't read, I'm sorry. But I'm ugly, so my life is shit.
wall of death
LMAO! epic copypasta

..still read every single word
Indeed it seeps into all areas of your life
brooo goddamn paragraphs bro.
[UWSL]For me it's enough not to look like a normie.[/UWSL]
Jesus christ which author do you read to write so long?
JFL I can imagine this guy pastemaxxing from quora and reddit :feelskek::feelskek:
It led me there
Yes this is correct
Ironic, the dude wasn't even that ugly from his face reveal; at worst a 4 and he didn't look deformed.
I can't the full face reveal yet but here is part of his face: https://incels.is/threads/look-at-how-big-my-forehead-is.394572/#post-9236805

He look white and stated he think he was around 5'9 or 5'10.

Some people claiming to be ugly legit white look normie and it get annoying.
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Glad this normie sex-haver got banned. But he's essentially correct, I read every word and if you are ugly, it's over in all aspects of life. Better to LDAR or rope than try to live with an ugly face.

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