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Blackpill [Hard To Swallow Edition] Stop Applying "Absolutist Logic" To Having A "Sex Life" (You Never Apply It To Other Things In Life)



I'm Not A Monster, I'm Just Ahead Of The Curve
Feb 28, 2018
131d 19h 6m
Everytime there's a discussion about gaining a "sex life" as an incel and prostitution is brought up, many incels seem to take this absolutist position of "Chad gets X" or "Normies get X" so they would rather "do without" (remain a sex starved virgin till death)

Most common example - "I'll never pay for sex because Chad gets to have one night stands (only legitimate case of "free" sex, extreme exception), I'd much rather stay a virgin for the rest of my life than pay for it"

The funny thing is, they don't apply these ridiculous standards to anything else in life other than this situation, because such absolutist positions wouldn't make sense then. When you apply the same logic to other things you immediately see how illogical it is, because of course getting nothing is always worse than getting something

The exception should not dictate what one should be "willing to accept" in life, the norm does

At the same time, the norm only matters when it is within your options and you fall into "the norm"

A logical person chooses from the best options available to them, they don't outright refuse all options because they don't have the same options as others, if everybody did that society wouldn't function

There are always people who have it better than you in various aspect of life, they are the exception to the rule in most cases, or maybe you are an exception on the negative end of that scale (as is the case for incels). But you still choose a "lesser alternative" when it comes to those things, you don't refuse all options

If you applied your absolutist logic to things other than sex:
By your logic you'd be homeless instead of living in a small house or apartment, because - "people who live in mansions exist and if I can't get that I'd rather remain on the streets"

By your logic you'd walk instead of using public transportation or buying a regular car, because - "people who own expensive sports cars exist, and if I can't drive an expensive sports car why bother with vehicular transportation"

By your logic you'd refuse to eat out at fast food joints or at regular restaurants, because - "people who only eat out at 5 star restaurants exist, and if I can't eat the best of the best when I go out I might as well make a sandwich at home"

You guys don't apply this extreme absolutist kind of mindset TO ANYTHING ELSE IN LIFE (BECAUSE ITS ILLOGICAL)

You would never deprive yourself of all those other options because they weren't the "best possible option"

When it comes to anything else in life you are willing to accept that you have to choose from the options available to you, but you switch the logic chip in your brain off whenever it comes to your "sex life" as an incel

"Chad does X" is not an argument

"Normies can do X" is not an argument

"Rich people do X" is not an argument

The exception to the rule does not disprove the rule, and someone having more "basic options" than you doesn't rationalize you rejecting all the other options that are available to you

Please keep in mind:
I never see any incels say they are going to "Islammaxx" and move to an Islamic state to look for a virgin wife (which literally any of us can do if we build up our finances over years). This is actually an option I still sometimes consider, how long this option will be viable is unknown.

I never see any incels say they are going to move to a 3rd world country with a more traditional culture and find a virgin wife to marry (again, any of us can do that, but like always these options require time and effort to build the necessary resources)

You see I'm not hung up on the "not paying for sex" part, the part I'm hung up on is that most incels just complain but they never discuss any alternative options that are available to us. They want to outright refuse all these options because "Chad can do X" or "Normies can do X". The focus is complaining about what Normies & Chads can do and never about what options are available to us

At that point were just endlessly stating the obvious, at some point we have to get to the "solution stage" of inceldom

It just seems like so many want to just "do nothing" and "do without" while always complaining about it, and that is just fucking annoying

It is completely illogical to keep yourself sex starved till death because you are never going to find a woman that is attracted to you and will "fuck you like you're Chad" (sorry, its not going to happen if you are an incel)

To make things worse, the logic doesn't even make sense even when you accept it, because you refuse to pay DIRECTLY for sex (prostitution), but paying for sex INDIRECTLY (dating) if you "ascended" is completely alright with most of you (for some reason you guys don't see the contradiction, either way you are paying):

There seems to be this weird "shame" or "stigma" that "you are paying for it" when at the end of the day MOST MEN ARE PRETTY MUCH PAYING FOR IT

Do you think the average man would get a woman to fuck him if he wasn't buying her drinks at the bar, buying her food and entertainment on their "date", paying bills, buying gifts, etc? (be honest)

Men have always been paying women INDIRECTLY for sex and companionship (that's literally what dating & marriage is), that's never going to change

Men have also always been paying women DIRECTLY for sex (there's a reason why prostitution is seen as the worlds oldest profession), that's never going to change either
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Deleted member 29033

Sep 1, 2020
20d 3h 47m
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Dec 3, 2019
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