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Brutal GTFIH: Historical examples of blackpill.



Nov 16, 2022
While browsing the AskHistorians subreddit (Yes, I know.), I came across this post: "Are there historical accounts of women expressing interest in the physical appearance of men?" Being blackpilled, I expected there to be periods in history where women expressed their interest in looks; However, I wasn't prepared to see the absolute JFL content produced throughout history, even under different sets of social norms. The link to the thread:
View: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/1cmtpd5/are_there_historical_accounts_of_women_expressing/
. I'll post the main comment in this thread for brocels that don't want to go to reddit.

Abbasid Iraq

The enslaved singing-girl 'Inān, active in the late 8th/early 9th century AD, was trained to exchange witty poetic repartee with men that was often flirtatious or downright erotic in nature. When she entertained the poet Hasan b. Wahb b. Sa'īd, they made love five times, but 'Inān was still unsatisfied. Hasan asked her to sing a popular song of the time about lovers with no hearts, but instead she composed this parody to express her dissatisfaction:

O my two companion lovers have no cocks
and there is no pleasure in a lover who is unattainable
O host of lovers how excecrable is love
if there is flabbiness in the lover's prick.
'Inān also exchanged many poems with the poet Abū Nuwās. The following exchange refers to the qibla, a spot in the mosque that indicated the direction of Mecca. Abū Nuwās wrote:

The Merciful has put a qibla in your face
so grant me to pray in your face and a kiss.

Come and look you in a mirror
to see a comprehensive ugliness
Is it with such a face that you crave
a kiss from the fair of face?
This exchange implies that 'Inān normally expects the men who kiss her to have handsome faces, and she teases Abū Nuwās (as they did in many of their exchanges with each other) that his ugly face isn't worthy of a kiss.

Another 9th century enslaved singing girl poet, 'Arīb, was one of the most celebrated poets of her day. She fell in love with a soldier who was the guest of her master and wrote this of him, focusing on his appearance:
(Brutal JBW instance :lul: :lul: :lul: )
With my father I'd ransom every blue-eyed
Fair-skinned and blond man
My heart is besotted by him
and my being besotted is not blameworthy
When asked what she looked for in a lover, 'Arīb once said that the most important requirements were a hard penis and sweet breath - if the lover was good-looking then that was a bonus.

Heian Japan

The women who worked as asobi, singers and prostitutes, composed many songs in the imayō genre. This genre became popular at the imperial court, which is how many examples survive. The asobi sang these songs while rowing little boats in pleasure districts, trying to attract the custom of aristocratic men on pilgrimage routes. Here is one example:

Wish I were a climbing vine
When I catch a glimpse of a beauty!
From roots to branches all entwined,
Cut and chop as you like,
My karma decrees from you
I'll not be torn.
Another itinerant entertainer appears in Sei Shōnagon's The Pillow Book, dancing and singing while dressed as a nun in order to solicit patronage from the women of the court. Her songs were similarly erotic, though in this case also humourous:

The peak of Man Mountain stands proud in fame.
Its scarlet tip has quite a name!
Women who weren't sex workers or paid entertainers were not quite so explicit in their descriptions of men, but we still find passages in their writings that reflect on men's beauty and sexual appeal. Ono no Komachi was a famous aristocratic woman who lived in the 9th century. Very little is known about her life, but legends grew up around her poems once they were included in the imperial anthology Kokinshū. According to legend, this poem was written about a lover who died before the night they were meant to be together:

Awake tonight
with loneliness,
I cannot keep myself
from longing
for the handsome moon.
In the 10th century we start getting more works written by women in the Heian court. Izumi Shikibu had some infamous love affairs during her time at court. Some of her poems are quite explicit about the physical desire she felt for her lovers. Here are two:

Lying alone,
my black hair tangled,
I long for the one
who touched it first.
Why haven't I
thought of it before?
This body,
remembering yours,
is the keepsake you left.
Then in the semi-autiobiographical work The Pillow Book, author Sei Shōnagon discusses handsome men at various points. It's worth noting here that both men and women of the court tended to focus on the beauty of one's clothing more than on their physical attributes, although those were still noted. Here are various excerpts that deal with attraction to men:

A priest who gives a sermon should be handsome. After all, you're most aware of the profundity of his teaching if you're gazing at his face as he speaks. If your eyes drift elsewhere you tend to forget what you've just heard, so an unattractive face has the effect of making you feel quite sinful.
Counsellor Yosichika was looking even finer than usual, in fact simply marvellous. There he was, in the midst of these gorgeous colours [of others' clothing], such dazzling sheens of summer under-robes that there was no choosing among them for beauty, and he was simplicity itself in his single cloak. He kept looking across towards the ladies' carriages, and sending messages over to them. No one who saw him could have failed to find him delightful.
[describing a hypothetical ideal lover] He has slipped back his mist-drenched cloak from his shoulders, and his lacquered cap is pulled awkwardly down over sidelocks that are somewhat bushy and tangled from the night's escapade, lending him a negligent air.
It looks terrible when a handsome nobleman is a Board of Censors Officer [because the uniform is ugly].
Along Tadanobu duly came, looking magnificent. He wore a gorgeous damask cloak in the cherry-blossom combination, with an immaculate lustre to its inner lining, and his gathered trousers of rich, dark grape colour were woven through with a dazzling pattern of tangled wisteria vine. The scarlet colour and glossed silk effect of the inner robe positively shone, and layer upon layer of very pale violet-grey and other colours were visible beneath the cloak. The way he seated himself on the narrow veranda, with one foot hanging from its edge as he leaned in slightly toward the blind, made him look the absolute epitome of some splendid figure in a picture, or in the sort of marvellous scene you find described in a romance. [... later, when Shōnagon is visiting the empress] 'But no more of this talk of the men in old tales,' said Her Majesty. 'If only you'd seen Tadanobu when he came today, I imagine you would have been beside yourself over how splendid he looked.' 'Yes, it's quite true,' chimed in several ladies. 'He really did look even more marvellous than usual.' 'Actually,' I said, 'that is precisely what I came to tell you about, your Majesty, but this talk of tales distracted me.' And I proceeded to describe what had happened. 'Well, we all saw him,' they said, laughing, 'but who else took in such detail, down to the very threads and stitches?'
Things of elegant beauty - A slim, handsome young gentleman of noble birth wearing court dress.
Another elegant sight is of a handsome serving man walking past bearing a ceremonial narrow-bladed sword with a flat-weave ceremonial cord attached.
A good-looking man has spent the day engrossed in playing sugoroku, and now as night draws in he seems still intent on playing [...] The neck-band of his hunting-costume has ridden up till it rubs his face, and his other hand goes up to push it back into place. [...] How delightfully arrogant he looks!
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Augustus' daughter was an adulterer who had several lovers whilst being married.

Claudius was a physically disabled Roman emperor.
He had four wives (not at the same time). First one had affairs behind his back.
Second one he had to divorce for political reasons, although she most likely physically and mentally abused him.
Third one tried to overthrow him with her lover.
The last one poisoned him.
@tamilpoet had great examples of a woman mocking a male for being an ugly manlet
Also JFL at the guy being muslim. Doesn’t he know about Julaybib (RA)?
Perhaps we may trace Shaka’s subsequent lust for power to the fact that his little crinkled ears and the marked stumpiness of his genital organ were ever the source of persistent ridicule among Shaka’s companions…”Look at his penis; it is just like a little earth worm!”…Nothing could be more humiliating to a Zulu man than this.

Shaka Zulu started his conquests because of dicklet rage brought upon by childhood bullying. Brootal dickpill.

That will put @anandkonda on suicide watch
Not really. Tamils back then were different. Did you know Tamils used to ACTUALLY dye their skin black not bleach their skin white

In this land the natives, although black, are not born of so deep a dye as they afterwards attain by artificial means, esteeming blackness [as] the perfection of beauty. For this purpose, three times every day, they rub the children over with oil of sesamé.The images of their deities they represent black, but the devil they paint white, and assert that all the demons are of that colour.
- The Travels of Marco Polo, Book 3, Chapter XX

I have been told now Tamils are less heightist and more colorist
Not really. Tamils back then were different. Did you know Tamils used to ACTUALLY dye their skin black not bleach their skin white

I have been told now Tamils are less heightist and more colorist
Caring about height is biologically ingrained for foids
Caring about height is biologically ingrained for foids
Of course, but I will still try my luck once. The strategy is to niche and geo maxx such that you have upper hand there
Caring about height is biologically ingrained for foids
Also, are you convinced that attraction to fair skin isn't biologically ingrained but just conditioning? Tamils did a total 180 on the skin beauty standard in the last 200 years

Lifefuel for me.
Also, are you convinced that attraction to fair skin isn't biologically ingrained but just conditioning? Tamils did a total 180 on the skin beauty standard in the last 200 years

Lifefuel for me.
The book called "A Thousand and one Nights" tells the story of an Iranian king catches his wife have sex with his black slaves and gets red pilled on women. He marries a new woman every night for 3 years and has her executed the next morning. He presumably has sex with them too.
So Tyrone existed since time? Brutal :lul: :lul: :lul: . I guess you could say Krishna was the Indian Tyrone

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