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Feminists are not even bothering to pretend it's about equality anymore. 80k likes.

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Deleted member 279

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Nov 8, 2017

It never was about equality of course and equality between men and femorrhoids is an idiotic concept anyway. I just thought this was interesting, they're not even pretending anymore.
I wish they were all killed.
Modern day women already have beyond equality in the workplace and elsewhere. Ask any man in a corporate position and he will probably complain to you about the required female diversity programs and sexual assault training.

Besides, sexual harassment for women is when an incel or normie she doesn't like gives her unwanted attention, like saying Hello or smiling at her. If chad comes up and slaps or full palm grabs her ass she just giggles.
Twitter is such cancer


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Men should go on strike for a month or so and let women do all the work.
I betcha that company would be bound to fall apart, if 95% of its workers are females. Since we know a majority of females always call in sick to avoid work, always want work, and maternal leave; this would totally push the company backwards. A lot of women aren't ready to sacrifice themselves as much as men.
If we started imprisoning every woman who was a slut the work force would be 100% male.

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