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Ever been in a fight?

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Nov 12, 2017
How did it start? What was it like? Did you win? Would you do it again?

Wondering because I haven't fought anyone. Thugs in my town don't bother me and my life has never been in danger.
It middle school we had a fight club thing, i picked a guy with similar frame/weight as me, we fought and it was stalemate, we both got tired and called it quits.
unclaimedcorpse=best nick ever
UnclaimedCorpse said:
Thx. it suits my standing in life perfectly

I am a nauseating carcass, I literally feel nausea and conatus wherever I go
I must have been in... 200 when i was in junior school/secondary school. Maybe a few more or a few less. My overall win-loose is probably around 60-40 to me. I've been beaten unconscious and to a pulp several times. Been in fights where weapons (sticks/batons/fireworks/stones) were used by myself. I've had gas powered metal bb guns and fireworks fired/thrown at me and obviously bricks and rocks thrown at me. Guys who have knives have threatened to stab me. I was thrown 20ft off a roof when i was in year 9. I went to violent school and i did some serious stuff. To be honest its lucky i'm not in a wheel chair or dead.
Many times in the school years (won some, lost some, but they were never more serious than a couple bruises). Couple times in college years in self-defense, won both because I had a handmade telescopic baton... Broke one dude's hand pretty good with it.

Not so much nowadays, people are chickenshit, they talk a lot but never throw a punch.
I've been in a handful of fights, and I've ran from a few. We also had a drunken fight club at my house for a while which had some base rules, not sure if that counts. My two most memorable fights were probably the ones where I ended up running in the end, or outright lol. Not even ashamed of it though.

1) 15 years old, Russian suburb of Moscow more or less. Me and a couple kids are dicking around with a long (200+ ft) piece of electrical wire we found, like running through a field and trying to catch one another in it. Eventually me and my boy whose house I was staying at caught one other kid, named Shurik. We kept wrapping him in circles with it as he tried to escape. Apparently at some point it stopped being a joke to him and he starts screaming this horrible banshee shriek so we stop pulling on the wire. He comes loose and comes up to me and blames me for trying to choke him/kill him and punches me in the face. He was probably 13/14 at the time and a year here or there at that age can be pretty significant. I'd say I was about 5 inches taller and had a good 30-40 pounds on him. Anyway, punches me in the face. I tell him "Ok we're good now." He punches me again, "Ok now you're pissing me off, don't do it again." He punches me in the face a third time and that's when I figured he had enough warnings and I give him 3 punches in the face real quick, pow pow pow. He crumbles to the ground and starts squirming and covering his face. "Told you to cut that shit out," I say. I turn around and start walking away. Then I hear one of the kids behind me shout, "blickpall, he's got a brick!" I turn around and see Shurik carrying a cinder block the size of my head and looking like he is going to toss it at me or clobber me with it. I am not sticking around for no weapons shit so I double time it down the path. After about 50 feet I turn around, expecting him to have given up chasing me, but he was right behind me, still crying and wailing and carrying that damned brick. I ran for at least a half mile and every time I turned around to check on him, he was still chasing me like a dog. I ended up hiding in the vestibule of one of the apartment projects hoping he would give up once he realized that I could be in any of the 30+ of them. I went home an hour later and this little baby snitch told his mom about the incident probably because his face was all fucked up and she forced it out of him tbh, of course leaving out the fact that he tried to murder me with a brick. Made up a few days later.

2) I'm smoking a cigarette outside the bar/club I'm at. My friends had just left a few minutes earlier and were heading to their house where we were going to meet up. I had my tab open and told them I'd finish smoking, close my tab, and meet up with them in 5. Anyway, Stacey comes up to me and of course it's just to mooch a cigarette off me, not for anything of substance. I give her one because I believe in cigarette karma and I think we might have exchanged one or two words at most ("Here you go," "Thanks!") and at this moment Super GigaChad 3000 emerges from the club, the doorframe clearly inconveniencing him in both height and breadth. Dude was probably around 6'4'' and 270 lbs, so more than 100 pounds over me. He points at me and says "HEY! WHY YOU TALKIN' TO MY GIRL?!" GigaChad is clearly drunk and insecure as fuck for whatever reason, probably because his face is actually only average or maybe because he was a late bloomer or something but regardless he is a mountain of muscles so he is still GigaChad in my book. I am in flip flops to boot; I don't think any fight has ever been won by a dude who is a couple weight classes below his opponent and in such laughable footwear. He comes up to me saying "YOU WANNA GO HUH?!" and I look him in the eye and say "Hold on," as I take a step back, put out my cigarette, bend down, take off my flip flops, and sprint like my life depended on it. GigaChad probably got tired of trying to keep pace with me while carrying 100 pounds more than me after a block or two (last I looked back, he was still there) but I booked it all the way to my friend's house anyway.

I don't really care about honor or shit like that. If the only thing in the balance is me breaking my nose yet again or some other grievous injury and there is nothing else on the line, then I'll run if I think I can't win, fuck all of that. Would I do it again? I would fight again if I had to, I will always run if I have to as well. I'm getting out of shape though so I need to get back on that treadmill to make sure I can outrun my attackers, which has always been my lifeline ("If I can't win, I'll just outrun them,").
I got mauled from behind as I was sitting on my desk when I responded to one of my bullies "fuck off fag". He rekt me and I cried. This was 8th grade and the stigma of that embarrassment carried on into high school.
Many times before I was 14. My rage would boil over.
Many. That's why I'm missing so many teeth.

Some I won some I lost.  Won more than lost.  Some the other guy started, some I started.  

Would I fight someone again?  I don't plan to, but realistically I almost certainly will at some point in the future given my track record, short temper and impulsivity.
Puto said:
I've only had fights with girls.

Nice one bro. Doing the lords work so to speak.

I had 3 fights with girls. First one was this fat half breed black bitch who used to pick on me in junior school. She attacked me by stabbing me with a pencil. I fucked her up. Even though she had a foot in height and 100lbs on me. I skinned the knuckles on both hands, and slapped her so hard and so many times i couldn't feel either of my hands for hours and dragged her out the classroom by her hair and then kicked and slapped her some more. The stab wounds she gave me needed 12 stitches. She never came back to school. Her parents spoke to the police who came to see me in the hospital getting stitches and spoke to my classmates who all said she attacked me and no action was taken. She never came back to school after that. She had attacked me before and picked on me because my family was poor for years. I finally snapped.  

When i was in year 8 this horrible disgusting black hood rat threw burning hot fresh coffee in my face in the canteen in year 8 after i lightly brushed into her because it was crowded and someone bumped into me. She liked to fight boys and had physically assaulted me before. This time i flew into a rage and we got into a huge fight. She punched me in the nose and it bled everywhere, i bust her nose badly and knocked her front teeth out. I lost 2 teeth and my lip was split open. I threw her into a table, then head first into a vending machine damaging the front of it. Punched and kicked her, got her in a headlock dashed her through some doors kicking her in the backside as she went through and then into a wall busting the plasterboard in. I got on top of her and went to punch her and some enormous Indian geezer from 6 form called Haj dragged me off her and held me down while another guy from my class poured a bottle of cold water over my face while i was going absolutely ape shit. I looked up and thought I'd killed her. The police questioned me at the hospital while i was being treated for the burns on my face, neck and chest. I got questioned again at the station twice. Luckily the burns healed up very well despite being horribly painful for weeks. She was let back into school. Witnesses all backed me though and the CPS wouldn't pursue a charge against me. She attacked a teacher and broke her hip 2 weeks afterwards. She was expelled i was allowed back in on special measures. My dad had to pay for the damage i did. He hit me for it repeatedly for weeks over that and made my life more miserable than normal.

Last time wasn't a fight. I hit a girl. She was making fun of me, slagging me off. Causing me grief because i didn't suck up to her like other guys did and because i wouldn't do what she told me. Because her boyfriend was a thug ass nigger. (she was a mudshark). She said something and people were laughing at me and i just said something along the lines of "You only think you're all that. Because you suck Andres dick you cheap whore" and i said it a bit louder than i intended. Everyone went silent for a split second and then burst into hysterical laughter at her. She slapped me. I just reacted a slapped her back. Which I'm not proud of. But she ran off crying. Andre actually came after me at the end of school that day with his gang. He was a heavy smoker though and he had asthma. Me and the guy i was with easily outran him after a quarter of a mile. He collapsed, had an asthma attack and got taken to hospital by ambulance. He and his thug ass nigger gang made repeated attempts to get me over the next year till he got locked up for carrying drugs and a machete. The last incident being 2 weeks before when he came with 20 other niggers to get me and my crew after school and we loosed off about 40 fireworks in their direction and then escaped through the smoke under the fence and the railway and across the derelict industrial estate next to the school. They fired CO2 BB guns at us and threw rocks but missed and most of them ran off screaming and the few that came after us went the wrong way in the smoke.

RichCel said:
Many times in the school years (won some, lost some, but they were never more serious than a couple bruises). Couple times in college years in self-defense, won both because I had a handmade telescopic baton... Broke one dude's hand pretty good with it.
Not so much nowadays, people are chickenshit, they talk a lot but never throw a punch.

When i was in school i had a home made baton. It was a 22mm copper pipe about 18 inches long. Inside was some M8 steel thread rod which threaded into a small steel cap i machined at one end which also had a string in it to hold it by, it was threaded on both ends so i could screw an extension on with a hand guard. The other end also had a steel threaded cap. Each cap had a flat for a 22mm spanner. The business end had a lead weight threaded in and the whole thing was filled some some nightmareish epoxy resin my dad had in his garage designed to fix damaged hydraulic parts. I tried a few designs and found that this one didn't break like my other designs and had some flexibility making it sting more than a thicker walled steel pipe.

I also wore improvised pads and body armour in school under my clothes. I was already big so no one really noticed.

I also had one of these really powerful catapults which fired these big heavy 20mm ball bearings.

I also had some longer steel pipes hidden round school in the bushes to use as weapons in case i was attacked. The one time these little shit bag hooligans from year 7 attacked me with sticks 6-1 because they thought i was an easy target when i was in year 9. I ran and they chased me into a dead end by some bushes and i attacked with a steel pipe and whooped them so bad they were all howling in tears. I think someone saw them and put them up to attacking me telling them i was a pussy knowing the end result.
Yes, I've been in some. But avoid fighting as much as possible; especially, if you're an adult dealing with your issues, bills, and problems.
One time i throw 3 hits with all my force to a healthy body normie as a fatass, he dodged them all easily and just walked away like nothing happened.
damn brutal. that's even worse than him hitting back. he didn't even think you were worthy of retaliation
3 and i lost all of them
One time i throw 3 hits with all my force to a healthy body normie as a fatass, he dodged them all easily and just walked away like nothing happened.
Unexpected necropill
Knife fights or just me against many men man?

Too many fights.
One time i throw 3 hits with all my force to a healthy body normie as a fatass, he dodged them all easily and just walked away like nothing happened.
Strong necro bump.

I've been in so many I lost count.
No man, i'm a pacific person ngl
I've had only one serious fight
This drunk sucker punched me and broke my nose and I started kicking him
Some knuckle dragger made a shit awful attempt to rob me when I was like 16. I sucker punched him twice then ran away like a bitch. A pathetic display on both our parts.
Yes during street hockey with neighbors as a kid, we wanted to be edgy
Strangled a couple kids who bullied me in middle school, they didn't fight back. I got pulled off both of them, and I was ostracized despite being the victim. I've also fought with my brother over the years, I've always won.
Only with my brother and father
Only real fight I've been in was one in Middle School where we just ended up pushing each other and then a teacher came immediately.
I know, pretty pathetic. Never actually really fought anyone in my entire life.
Only been in 2 ever. And in both I played dirty. Dont care about fighting morals or rules people set.
Got in 3 fights:

1st one was when I was 12, I started it after he tried to take my ball and he put me in a headlock and floored me

2nd one wasn't really a fight, but I tried to jump in another one - but a girl punched me and I started bleeding on my nose.

3rd one I hit a crackhead on the head

1 wins 2 losses.
Yes like 10-15 times maybe as kid
I won more than i lost tbh
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