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Brutal Chad's problems vs. our problems [Reddit; read at own risk]

wont be tight for long, that's for sure
How do White fathers let their 19 year old daughter get pumped and dumped? Do they not care about their kids?
wow. i feel so bad for them. their lives are really hard :cryfeels::cryfeels:
wow. i feel so bad for them. their lives are really hard :cryfeels::cryfeels:
Very hard … the guys dick probably is i mean .. so fucking over for us man :feelsrope:
Another day another reddit larp.
If you seriously need to ask this on reddit, you should rope
She claims in another post she can fit 2 fingers and her boyfriend can only fit 1

Not real
The rapesquad should split into 2 lines and give her a good stretching out
ragefuel. Imagine taking a womans virginity. Will never happen for me at 22. All women my age have triple digit bodycounts. Maybe shouldve tried harder at age 14-16.

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