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RageFuel Bradley Martin is an agecuck



Aug 21, 2018

Jfl imagine taking out your frustration because you’re a bald steroidcel who has to settle for single moms out on some old guy trying to feel young again.

JFL I’m betting money the girl isn’t even a virgin more than likely.

Total clown world :feelsclown:
Fuck these cucks for harassing an old man.
He’s a pussy btw Zherka legit spoke the same things in front of him and he did nothing LMFAO.

Btw Zherka is the shittiest fighter despite his size that fucking guy got beat up by a literal 160 pound negro. He also brutally got beat up when he tried to start a fight with a guy bigger than the one I mentioned but still smaller than him JFL. Fact that Bradley cuck is scared of him should say something

View: https://twitter.com/scubaryan_/status/1723108004302626904
The girl is 15? She looks fucking twenty. What are guys supposed to do now? Ask every femtard for their ID to make sure they aren't lying to us so they can make a couple bucks by ruining our lives? Fuck women and fuck that cuck.
Imagine missing out on teen love, then thinking you’ve found it at last before you die, only to have some low IQ roid monkey foaming at the mouth confront you and some other cuck blowing blue and pink loads on your back.

Peak clown world :feelsclown:
Fuck these assholes trying to harass oldcels trying to get to experience the young love they missed out on.
Why would anybody care about anything these people say or do?

I don't even know who any of them are.


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