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Blonde HBBs are SCARED of currycels

fellow jihadcel plzz i can tell those niggas from the left 3 look anything but white, one on the right sure
All of them look white except the one with green eyes and brown skin. I have black hair and black eyes and have had other europeans assume I'm white. Both online and irl
and no plzz stop copping nigga in current dating market mog all deathnics
Nigger fantasies

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All of them look white except the one with green eyes and brown skin. I have black hair and black eyes and have had other europeans assume I'm white. Both online and irl

Nigger fantasies

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cope :feelsjuice::feelsjuice:
those 3 clowns look arabic, they have very specific facial features especially noses. the nose always gives it away especially for sand nigger foids
so what i have had eastern euros confuse me for one of them when i wasn't tanned. i am now dark as fuck :reeeeee:
currys and blonde Stacys are soulmates- the Stacey’s just don’t realise it
What? No you cuck, it's the Tyrones and the Stacys are soulmates.
First of all, stop multi-tagging me. I’ve warned you before, but if you don’t listen I’m going to start ignoring you. Reply in one long paragraph just like I do. Otherwise I will consider it spam.

Explain that to niggers like @Copexodius Maximus who want to divide all of us claiming all of our religions are separate entities and have no overlap in our religions.
What overlap? Obviously Indian religions have overlap jfl, but none of the other ones are retarded like Hinduism that make you worship cow shit.

I am not a expert in this. But I will never believe this FUCKING nonsense. The FUCKING VEDAS themselves were written by a Sudhra. It doesn't make any sense to do that. I won't be countering this. Maybe @mlcurrycel can do it.

Like I showed you before changing a single letter can change the entire meaning
The Vedas were not written by a Shudra. They are a collection made by many people over the centuries. You don’t want to believe it for the same reason you don’t want to believe in western scholarship. You don’t want to look at reality. Which is a common curry trait, since you guys are already at the bottom of the world’s hierarchy.

But it means Bhramins were marrying non-Bhramins. So they were okay inter caste marriages
No the Buddhists were mocking them because they claim to be pure bloods yet just like how white women are getting with black men, the Buddhists point towards all the mixing going on.

What fuck are you blabbering??? This what I mean when I say don't read pommy non sense.

Jati in all Indian Languages means family or species. Where the fuck are you talking? Janm means birth not Jati.

You know more about Indian languages than me who speaks it everyday? Verna doesn't mean color and you can't find someones race with their color. Are you not aware Recessive genes? I am fair but my brother is darker does that mean he is of different race?
modern curry languages are pointless to discuss because these are the meanings in the ancient curry languages. There’s been thousands of years of evolution.

Jati is a Sanskrit word meaning “birth.”

This is because you are born into a caste, and thus refers to some people loke the brahmins being referred to as twice born due to their superiority.

Source for Verna meaning color
The idea of caste is expressed by the Sanskrit term varna, originally denoting “colour,” thereby implying differences of complexion between the several classes.

This is also backed up by Buddhist sources where the Brahmins bragged about being light while the other castes were dark. Although now due to mixing they are all just brown curries as well.

What the fuck are you talking? Bhramins are forbidden from Combat or owning property from the same sources you provided. Who will kill them?
Governments can’t kill them as punishment for any kind of crime. But they can kill a person of ant other caste for a crime.

Chanakya was not a Bhramin then? Nigger kike. Don't spout pommy marxist nonsense.
Chanakya was an advisor to the king and some say he actually wrote the arthashastra, since brahmins were supposed to be the learned ones involved in academics. But many scholars are starting to doubt if he even existed, but I haven’t looked into that enough to say.

Yeah, Hindus in India converted because of the Evil and Cunning Bhramin as you claim. Then why did people in South America convert to Christianity? Why did the Blacks convert to Christianity and Islam? Then why did people in various parts of Asia convert to Islam invations?
Same reason most people convert to any religion. People follow the people on top of the social hierarchy. People in India today are Hindus rather than Jains or Buddhists because they won in the battle of conquest (until they got cucked by the Muslims).

The muslims were against voting rights of dalits. Liaquat Ali Khan stopped Dalits moving to India. He said "Who will clean our toilets?"

Keep crying
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That’s because they are benefitting from the system then. And they are not Jains, but you are cheering. That tells me everything I need to know. You are just a Hindu larping as a Jain jfl.
I genuinely don’t understand white worshipping curries, brown foids seem so primitive and fuckable. This whole retarded notion of ethniccels representing their entire race is not what I see irl, all 6 ft+ nt gl men are almost never struggling wherever they are.

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