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Blackpill Article about suicide in people with arthritis, and how it makes women use more violent suicide methods

I've often seen citations that women attempt suicide more but succeed less, and this being put down to women using less violent methods.

I however found a journal study about the impact of arthritis on the likelihood of suicide, seemingly particularly in women. The fact that the suicide rate went up isn't shocking, however one particular sentence is.

Before their suicide, 50% of the female RA patients (vs 11% of the male RA patients) had experienced at least one suicide attempt. The method of suicide was violent in 90% of the RA females.

Now this particular passage says that in 90% of the female suicides were violent in women with RA. Why is this interesting?

To me this would suggest that in reality, womens low suicide success rate in normal cases is due to the fact that they don't want to die. As seen here, when women have an actual reason to die, like severe arthritis pain, they don't shy away from using more violent methods. Thus this would suggest that in most female suicide attempts, the reason for using less violent is not because of womens inherent lack of violent nature, but because they simply don't actually want to die. Meanwhile women who do actually want to die will use the same violent methods that men who want to die do.

While it shouldn't be too shocking, I think it's interesting to see an actual study that would corroborate the idea that the high attempt low success rate is due to women straight up just not actually wanting to kill themselves.
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Based. If you have been around the internet long enough, especially on the gore sites and alternative news outlets, you already knew this. A man will jump in front of a train, olympic dive off of a building, headbutt an oncoming eighteen wheeler, stuff his head in acid, drink a bottle of drain cleaner, whatever he has to to end things once he is fed up enough. A women will taken 6 pain reliever pills and text her best friend that she cant go on anymore, then cry in the fetal position in her bathroom.
even in countries where literal euthanasia is legalized the rate of suicide "attempts" to actual deaths by women is the exact same
Based thread.

There is almost never a reason for someone on tutorial mode to kill themselves
they have auto health regen on and also loot tripled
A women will taken 6 pain reliever pills and text her best friend that she cant go on anymore, then cry in the fetal position in her bathroom.
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"But wamen attempt suicide more often" redditors on suicide watch.

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