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Anyone tried AI Music?

Sounds like every single pop song I've ever listened to. How hundreds of millions of people willingly subject themselves to this garbage is beyond me
idrc, I don't like any songs with foid vocals, I don't care if they're good or not
I love technology, can't wait for the day when robo girlfriends would be a thing, I'll marry one for sure, even if I have to sell my entire generational wealth.
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AI music surprised me, it has developed to be quite decent already. It used to have trouble simulatng vocals, but it's gettng much better at it.Anyone else tried it out?

You can try it out on this site:

You can select to either make a 'Custom' song (with lyrics you enter), or to generate lyrics with ChatGPT based on a prompt. I prefer to use custom lyrics, but it's your choice. Then fill that in, specify a style for the music, and it will generate two songs for you.

It has a few very basic censors on the lyrics, but so far generally nothing serious. It checks for certain words, but you can generally get away with homophones, etc. This will probably get worse as (((certain people))) demand more censorship, which is why things like ChatGPT became almost useless for art.

Here's some examples I made, with custom lyrics:

For each prompt, it makes two versions. You can pick the one you prefer or make more. You can also continue them, if the two minute default length isn't enough.

The AI does have flaws. Sometimes the AI gets a bit confused, eg. it garbles the first line of the next one. But the rest of it is fine. I think most songs I've tried with the AI haven't had serious issues with parsing the lines, although when given some subgenres (eg. 'nu metal') it will stick to a very narrow interpretation of the subgenre.

(^ a touching song. 'You say I'm a fakecel, You say I'm a gray, You say I'm not worthy of you, Stacy...' Also a more metal version here, it's a bit inexact but the beginning is based: https://app.suno.ai/song/cfaca653-2116-4d14-b2ea-9cdb35d92f48 )

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(if Rise Against had balls ig)

Anyone else tried this stuff out? It mogs incelcore bands IMO.

Post your own songs if you want.
Yes i posted about suno before
made a few songs last weekend:

^ Inspired by Twilight uWu

You're like the Prophet,
Blowing up like a bomb,
Like springtime, like jihad.
You're like ISIS 'cause you're a goddess.

islampop is underrated. @Darth_Aurelius thoughts?
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'St. Patrick's Day,' an inspiring song celebrating the spirit of the oirish or whatever:

tbh fuck the oirish.

was asked about female vocals and had barely tried them, so decided to test some ideas
barely any females with decent voices smh, and those aren't obvious options. but the like one or two options can do fine, ig?

in other news related to marginalized minorities, the AI has problem comprehending that white rappers like skitz kraven exist and keeps trying to turn them black. plus the censors were bitching constantly about the lyrics. this is like rosa parks smh

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non-meme AI threads won't get much engagement here until the AI is fuckable, and that's on the whole a damn shame

Yeah but i can only make a FEW songs a day, Suno is really jewish,
13 dollars a week? Maaan GTFO outta here, I need new tools!
Yeah but i can only make a FEW songs a day, Suno is really jewish,
13 dollars a week? Maaan GTFO outta here, I need new tools!
yeah, agreed on them being jewish af there

atm can get a decent amount of chances by altmaxxing, plus they gave 500 free credits per acc at some point last month. it's possible to get around the censors, usually, but they can be a bitch for certain songs.

on the upside, the amount of copyright shenanigans possible with it are hilarious, they pretty much just let the AI scan through all kinds of shit. there is a basic censor to protect against it, but still possible. though I tend to focus on artists with enough quality to be decent here

^ last song was inspired by my struggle (14/88 btw) at making a sludge metal song that didn't degrade into random pseudo-screaming. I sort of gave up on making that song, and screwed around with the vocal lines till I found sth that sounded right for this:

OG lyrics (more based):

Don't you think that in the end....
Alone, in a world without love,
I'll hold you to me,
Break you like shattered glass,
Your only feeling,
Your only feeling.
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song inspired by sheo's odd fling with the weird mid druggie chick:

I ship them, so this is about how idk Sheo will eventually become a god-tier druggie and druggiemog her, then they'll get together or sth like that. it's written in the stars

I have seen the future.

also, I've been experimenting w/ switching up to other foid voices + genres. found one or two that kinda work, if a bit trippy. it's a bit annoying, tho, most foids are dismal. why can't all foids sing? awful.

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I like listening to sound-track music, like epic music playlists, I wonder if it can do that

I like listening to sound-track music, like epic music playlists, I wonder if it can do that

View attachment 1167641
'epic music' as in the kind of stuff that gets spammed in YT playlists and thrown relentlessly into rando low-effort films, video games, etc.?

I'd imagine it could do alright with that, but not really familiar with the genre. I did briefly know one guy who was a fan of it and had long playlists, tho, but I only found the softer, synth/piano ones remotely tolerable. here's a couple basic tries tho:

tbh in terms of soundtrack music, stuff like ecco the dolphin was p. kino


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