Anyone like going out at late walks and feeling tough?


Heightmogged by 9/10 foids irl
Jan 3, 2019
I like going outside at night as ethnic and walking around with a hoodie under a dark jacket and do-rag and a mean look ngl. I especially sometimes follow a normie a bit for like two blocks or something to mess with them a bit. Its funny cuz they be getting mad paranoid ngl. I don't really do that to foids but foids move out of my way more than when Im just a normal day time cringe manlet, when they force ME to move and even moids usually just move out of my way instead of forcing me to go. I also like walking in the direction they are trying to use to avoid me, then keep switching to fuck with them lol js. I love that so much cuz white affluent leftist cucks and unitards are so easily frightened ngl. I also force myself to assume a posture that is different from my usual one, which is basically the virgin walk meme to a t. Anyone else?


Feb 6, 2019
I love walking late at night but sadly in my neighborhood theres raccoons at night. One time at like 1am i was walking and wasnt paying attention and i almost walked into a racoon and he ran away from me and i ran away from him. Another time there was a raccoon in the street and i kept stomping my foot and eventually scared him off and i was able to get through. I also have a really nice trail in my neighborhood but sadly i was in there during the daytime last summer and i spotted a black coyote and he just stared me down. Id love to go in that trail at night but after seeing a coyote im never going in again. rip.
Aug 15, 2018
Sometimes i follow foids in their 30s who go out for walks in the evening. There are plenty of them in my neighbourhood. I think they are moms. It's fun to follow them and listen to their conversations of normie stuff.

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