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Blackpill Any of you smart people care to share a way to make 20$ a day online with low effort please



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May 1, 2019
4 hours a day max

I need to make 20$ a day. That is all I need to live. The caveat is that it needs to be 100% online. This will let me rent a house in Philippines, buy a Visa every month and some rice to eat, pay for electricity and internet what else does a nigga rly need. Yeah I wont have any money left for foids but whatever, I dont want to betabuxx anyway, the only foid Ill accept is if she will betabuxx me instead JFL

I don't really need much to live tbh. I just wanna neet.

I made a Fiverr account and I was gonna post videos or shit but I lost all motivation JFL... Also my pod at runpod got outdated and my python scripts at runpod.com broke for Stable Diffusion AI art making and I cba to fix them its too much effort.

The only things that work so far is

- Survey Websites = I can do about 5$ a day from that shit without huge effort. Takes like 1 hour, but they run out quick. Its very limited how many you can do a day.

yeah that's pretty much it JFL, thats the only way I found to make moneys so far. Need more
make fake female accounts on twitter and sell feet pics to simps
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