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Any fellow dropoutcels



Nov 10, 2017
I had to drop out of university upon discovering the black pill. So many Cum dumpsters at my university walking around in yoga pants with their butts purposely flaunting out screaming "Me too". The only fun part was when the cumrags got done talking to Chad, you can see their camel toes showing through their pussy-drenched thongs.
yeah , i didnt finish high school
Even though it's technically illegal to drop out in my country, I effectively dropped out at 14. I did a couple of years of college though, before NEETing ever since (barring 56 weeks of paid work and several short term work placements).
I dropped out of college. It was getting too expensive and I couldn't stand being treated like shit all day long.
There are far to many asses at Uni for any straight man to remain sane. Such temptations, they fuel my lust for the great war to come.
Dropped out of college. It was too much for my retarded brain to handle. I was amazed how some people could party all weekend and still manage good grades.
i went to college, failed all my classes because my social anxiety was so bad i couldn’t go and i spent all my time playing WoW. got on academic probation, retook all my classes, did the same thing. got academic dismissal. 4 years later i talked to the head of admissions about re-enrolling, he made me take a few online classes at a community college first to prove i was serious, got all A’s. he let me back in and i did the same shit. got a letter in the mail from them a few weeks after the semester ended, i assume i’m dismissed again lol.

just fucking lol @ my life. such a useless fuck up.
I never went to college.

I couldn't afford it and I'm not intellectually capable of completing college coursework and obtaining a degree. I shouldn't even have a high school diploma tbh.
Dropoutcel here. I got lucky enough to be working in a position that I actually like (through people networking) however there are a lot of dumb femoids that I'd love to beat their heads in this place.
I really want to but I can't manage to get myself to that point yet
Soon to dropout, just waiting for next semester so when the question about paying for it comes up I can bring up leaving it.
Ryo Hazuki said:
I never went to college.

I couldn't afford it and I'm not intellectually capable of completing college coursework and obtaining a degree. I shouldn't even have a high school diploma tbh.

i shouldn’t either. luckily i went to a super librul school with some retarded grading system (it wasn’t A-F & 100-0 scores, literally had made up words for our grades) that made it almost impossible to fail. i still failed a few classes though. i also never took the required electives like sports etc and i definitely didn’t have all my credit hours so i don’t really know how i even graduated. maybe they just felt bad for me.
Almost dropped out due to frustration and inability to focus anymore.
Many attractive females walking around is no problem for me though. I study engineering, which is a real sausage fest and the girls that are here behave rather masculine, I would say there is not a single stacy in my classes
I'm graduating this year and I'm very glad I didn't drop out.

Honestly I was only able to survive by going to campus as little as possible, only for classes.

Thank god I commute. If I was in the dorms I would have dropped out or committed suicide.
Was near very top of my HS class (huge student body too)

Dropped out due to extreme social anxiety, having no friends, spending lunch period in the fucking bathroom 

Went back to an alternative school, was valedictorian of my class, received multiple scholarships, dropped out last semester due to a family crisis + the same sorts of social crises weren't helping (had no one to lean on for support, provide a stable living environment)

Few years later, got GED (when results came in I saw that apparently I scored in the 99th percentile, in every category, of ppl who took the GED (no surprise there given my HS performance).

Enrolled in a community college thereafter, placed in Calculus and upper level courses (already had a lotof college credits due to duel-enrollment in HS). Finished one semester with a fantastic GPA.   Dropped out second semester due to deteriorating mental health which I solely attribute to extreme loneliness and depression

So yeah, my life is fucked and I wasted some potential, there's no doubt about that

Worst part is knowing how different my life would have turned out if a) I were femail, b) I were Chad, or c) I weren't autistic
When I got multiple skin diseases covering my entire face that made me look even worse than deformed circus freaks, my brain completely shut off and I realized it was smart to just opt out of life.
I regret not dropping out

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