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RageFuel Am I (30F) wrong for being motivated to lose wieght by the idea of leaving my husband (29M) and starting over?



Please genocide us curries. Deliver us from hell.
Sep 11, 2022
ENSLAVE ALL WOMEN! :feelsree: :feelsree: :feelsree:

I would never date a foid older than me, let alone one that's a landwhale.
Whatever gets the fat bitch to slim down
that's usually when they divorce
This is what awaits you even if you do ascend.
Which is why I don't want to ascend anymore.
I fantasize being skinny again and confident and flirting, and having long conversations with someone who is interested. Night time drives with endless laughing. Cuddling up to watch our favorite show with nothing else on the schedule.

95% of these women will go out and find out that actually nobody wants a post-wall foid with someone else's baby in tow.

Yeah lady, this is it. This is what life is. Get marriage counseling to force him to spend more time with you - or simply enjoy that TV show by yourself.

this isn’t really an update on what I’m going to do but more an example of how the day is going.
He came home from work, the baby took a nap so he jumped on video games.
I cleaned up and went to lay alone in the bedroom.
Almost 2 hours later he came in to say the baby is waking up and to ask what I want to eat. He threw some suggestions, all basic convo, he left to pick it up.
He came back and went to eat at the counter on his phone and I played with the baby while eating my food in the living room.
He finished and came to the couch and stayed on his phone while I played with the baby.
He took the baby for a little, put on a show for us to watch. I took the baby back, he fell asleep.
He kept waking up abruptly and finally just set an alarm on his phone and said he’s going to go “close his eyes for 30 minutes” in bed.
And here I am. Playing with the baby. After spending the entire day…playing with the baby.

You realize you don't have to play with a baby 24 hours a day? Put it in the crib and turn on the baby mobile or give it some blocks to stack. Then read a book or watch your TV show.

I swear they want so much SYMPATHY for absolutely nothing wrong.
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This is why you have to keep them at the buffet

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