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RageFuel Almost got into a fight in front of a cop



Jon Taliban
Jul 21, 2023
Some faggot was entering the walmart while I was passing in front of him. He was with his friend, so he was bolder than he'd normally be. He decides to get way too close to me as I'm passing. I was thinking about kneeing him in the ribs but I saw a cop in uniform directly behind him.

Also now that I'm in دار السلام, if I see anyone beefing with a Muslim I'm going to do a thing.

Also I see young hojabis in the university area who wear hijab but also are made up like they belong on a street corner and their clothes are very form-fitting, which is prohibited by hijab rules. Surface-level compliance with the letter while violating the spirit, like the Pharisees were said to do. I won't do shit for them, they are Satan's wives as far as I'm concerned.
ITT: fightlets who can't raise their knee more than 6 inches. I'm not like you, my idea of fighting isn't throwing haymakers :feelskek:
Let that be a lesson unto you
You’re lucky the cop was there to save you when you inevitably get your ass kicked for messing with a pack of normies.
Yea they are strong in packs, but those bitches are scared in 1v1
What do you mean by دار السلام
Yea they are strong in packs, but those bitches are scared in 1v1


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