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Discussion All Looksmaxing does is just raise the quality of competition in womens favor.



Nov 20, 2022
I forgot the video he said it in but Rehab Room, a black ill YouTuber that makes great content said that Geomaxxing will always beat out looks maxxing since when you improve your looks in the west your actually feeding into womens ego since they know the only reason why your doing this is to fuck them. Then they just raise their standards even higher since they know they have a monopoly on pussy. However by Geomaxxing you get laid right away and also take power away from these women from the west as well since they can use your resources anymore. There's reason why most women don't bitch about dudes in the lookism community as much as compared to men in the blackpill and passport communities. The view one as increasing the quality of their resources and the other as denying them resources.
guess what happens if everyone geomaxxes nigga
It's not about teaching women a lesson or humbling them, it's about being better than the competition who didn't looksmax.
Most of us don't have money for either looksmaxxing or geomaxxing
Lookism community is blackpilled jfl.

They only effective solution is to reduce your competitors by murdering chads and Tyrones.

That’s also the best revenge on foids.

Murdering foids is completely counterproductive.

You have to murder the men that Jews are propping up with feminism.

And than murder normies/cuckold faggots/ beta bucks faggots…

To this we need form our own cartel with military grade weapons and bombproof bullet proof vehicles.

you need to kill the men and quickly run away in groups of gang members.

Fuck the Jews and fuck the fbi…

They can kiss my fucking ass.. lol I am a cartel member… I don’t give two fucks about fucking anything but revenge and burning everything to the fucking ground

I don’t care about prison… as long as I get my revenge on this garbage fucking western society that treats men like complete fucking garbage and no respect, I will be more than happy to do life in prison for ordering the deaths of countless men.

murdering men and reducing their population is not what the elites want because labor will become very very expensive and they can’t enslave people nowhere near as much.

Mass murder of men is needed to fix things and have men valued again.

It will be a blood sacrifice for the betterment of humanity and to destroy porn and bring back sexual decency and purity.

Fuck the Jews - every fucking country these pieces of shit go to they bring prostitution and whoring around.

They are disgusting fucking people.

Ps. We will also smash the diamond jewelry of foids and laugh in their face.

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