[JFL] A man born to a Vietnamese mother and a curry father who abandoned him turned out the be a slayer. what’s your excuse?

Nov 10, 2017
Clearly this person had an amazing personality! His curry and Asian looks didn’t hinder his success with women at all. This is why you are incel, you clearly don’t have a nice personality like him.

He managed to marry multiple white girls despite being Asian/curry. As we all know White girls love men with nice personalities the most out of any other ethnicity, which is why he was so successful with them.

He married 3-4 times. And had girls writing him letters in jail. White bagpackers girls seem to love his personality the most.

He was able to atttract the most conservative girl to the most liberal girl! Clearly a man with amazingggg personality.


Uggo Mongo

21st Century Malformed Man
Jun 17, 2018
JBW, if he was ethnic no girl would ever be attracted to him. The most handsome ethnics are less attractive than the most repulsive and deformed white men.

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