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Theory A biological fix for hypergamy



Legit NoFap World Champion AMA
Apr 15, 2018
10d 19h 44m
Imagine if you will, a world in which both men and foids could only use their sexual organs once. Afterwhich they would become defunct or even fall away from the body like a bee's stinger. The uterine hole closes off or whatever, use your imagination.

This would force people, both normal and female, to select very wisely who their partner will be and when they will consummate "the act". There would be no sex for fun, ergo no sleeping around. The sexual urges that plague [mostly] men would subside once the deed has been completed.

The act would produce some number of children, either single, twins, triplets or quadruplets in order to remain above replacement levels. Foids would be forced to act honorably and think about the possible ramifications of their decisions. Pairing and monogamy would be strongly encouraged socially, but enforced biologically. A harem would be useless when one can select only one mate from it... ever. Likewise, the carousel of top men would be useless for much the same reason.

And in the end, all sex havers would be celibate for the remainder of their lives forcing them to live humbly and wisely like a monk, but also as a good parent.


Nov 3, 2021
21d 4h 24m
This is a very interesting idea, albeit imaginary.

I can see 4 kinds of scenarios occurring as a result:
  • The gold diggers will settle for a provider they aren't attracted to - the scenario you mentioned.
  • The sluts with no concept of delayed gratification will fall for the first Chad who tickles their belly with butterflies.
  • The hypergamous ones will postpone the sexual act until they meet the ultimate Gigaubermegachad who is also willing to commit to them and they'll end up growing old and infertile by that time.
  • The vulnerable ones will be raped and never be able to have sex again.
And maybe foids will protest for polygamy and the cucks in power will allow it, enabling the 5th scenario - many foids flocking to one rich Chad. After all, they'd rather share a Chad than settle for a betabuxxer.

Because of the implications of rape here, there the life sentence or even death penalty will be given to rapists. On the bright side, false accusations will be harder to make because there will be a way to check whether a foid is still fertile.

As a way to prevent false accusations, sex should be allowed only after marriage. Not sure how they will handle the case of a man getting date raped and then, ironically, accused of rape though... Unless the act of sex itself become a lot less primitive, as in, both parties need to be fully conscious and to consent in order for the fertilization to be able to occur, like an almost-permanent vasectomy in the case of men and something similar in the case of foids.