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6"8 Chad and #1 twitch streamer Dr.Disrespect on hiatus, admits to cheating on wife



Nov 21, 2017
the "two time" as he calls himself

he had about 30,000+ subs, i think he gets half of $4.99 of each sub per month! plus the donations he received + advertising he was doing on channel for food and other products...imagine being 6"8, good looking, smart and the most popular gamer of the year - women would be all over him...the life of chad is difficult in different ways...


incase video goes down some mirrors


Lmao imagine how tempted he is. ALWAYS. 6'8 GOODLOOKING RICH & EXTREMELY POPULAR. Holy fuck he could fuck a different beautiful titty streamer every day if he wanted to.
Masculinist said:
Lmao imagine how tempted he is. ALWAYS. 6'8 GOODLOOKING RICH & EXTREMELY POPULAR. Holy fuck he could fuck a different beautiful titty streamer every day if he wanted to.

he was probably fucking a new girl everyday, he recently went to Sweden to and was on the main stage as a MC and gaming...

look at this video by burger andy, he says doc was chatting up hitting on so many girls then Andy almost got beatup by Doc


Why the fuck do men(especially attractive ones)get married?
non_factor said:
Why the fuck do men(especially attractive ones)get married?

Kids + they see others doing it and fear of ending up alone later in life

Same reason many females their 30's stop chasing Chads they can't lock down and seek out nice guy before their looks fade out entirely and they end up alone
smoking gun, was from twitchcon back in october -> https://oddshot.tv/s/pNVMIU



found elsewhere

His Wife was not present at Twitch Con this year. I happen to also watch the entire stream as well while it was live.

People think Guy AKA 'The Doc' was cheating on his wife with this girl he met at Twitch Con this year.

Image of the alleged girl that Guy is flirting with as told from Burger Planet in a later clip

edit - credits go to Kookoomaloo for identifying her https://twitter.com/craysounds_




Cray and Guy talking to each other


Interestingly enough, Cray seems to be in a relationship with another fellow DJ who goes by the name 'Vincent' and this tweet seems relevant enough. Credit goes to Plague-Lord for finding this




-- v v v --

So Guy was filmed by Burger Planet (Burger Andy) hanging around with Cray for an allegedly long period of time and was clearly annoyed by him filming him without consent threatening him to go away.

Cray in question first appears with Guy inside a bar as Burger Planet sees the Doc for the first time. She is wearing sunglasses with a black collared dress


Notice how Guy leans very close to her and how casual and comfortable they seem to be together. Although it could be alcohol in play.

Cray appears again wearing the sunglasses outside the bar


Later on as Burger Planet is told by Guy to not film him, they later do small talk while his camera is not pointed directly at him, until he overstays his welcome and once again films Guy which he begins to notice and angers him, telling him to go away and not to film him again.

Point in the video where it escalates https://youtu.be/bnPTN1aKtXM?t=7979

Burget Planet claims Guy was trying to flirt with some girl at the time he was shooed away with him, which has to be Cray


Now this is all speculation and not proven yet. -edit- Before the time Doc uploaded his video about being unfaithful, Cray tweeted this with no context about an hour earlier https://twitter.com/craysounds_/status/941456827593629696
I always see Chads cheating on their wives.

microDongCityUSA said:


Burger is not the hero we deserve, but the one we need.
Some people have it too good.

Some people don't deserve it
This guy is living proof that life just favors some people and dislikes others. Genetics win every time.
I mean I would cheat too.. Also won't be surprised if his gf gonna forgive him for it. He will probs do it more

microDongCityUSA said:
Well made, really.
Wow. Dr. Disrespects wife actually married him expecting him not to cheat? What a dumb moid

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