[SuicideFuel] Zesto it's over for you boyo if you won't mog gorillas.


Death is a preferable alternative to cuckoldry
Sep 4, 2018
Gorilla penises are like 2inches. At least you can dickmog them


Sep 21, 2018
lol I'll just shamelessly repost this.

"As bizarre has it appears, you can actually see it! I've been out with uglier men!"
"He is quite a handsome specimen!"
"It's all in his eyes and pose. His eyes are hauntingly beautiful. A stunningly good looking ape."
"Yes must say he's quite attractive compared to some human blokes I've seen and better looking than my ex"
"He's sexy and he knows it"
"ha ha ha he is better looking than my husband"
"He is actually better looking than some of the specimens I pass on the high street here ."
"Is he single?"
"He's sexy and he KNOWS it!"
"He is gorgeous! Before I even read the title and clicked on this, I thought "that's a great looking animal"
"Now hang on, that's just ridiculous, a handsome gor......illa.....eh? Wow, he's gorgeous!! LOLOLOL!! In some of those pics, you can just imagine him singing "I'm sexy and I know it" Now photography can be misleading, so I'm gonna have to go visit and see him in person....anybody have a spare ticket to Japan? ;)"
"He IS rather attractive! And I even find it odd that I think that."
"Actually girls, he isn't bad is he? Have seen much worse in our male human population over the years!!"
"He certainly is a fine example of his species."
"What a beautiful, handsome boy!"
"Yeah, I guess he is more handsome than alot of men I've seen lately ...."
"He actually really is handsome.. not sure how I feel about admitting this!! haha"
"Well better looking than most of our men lol"
"Good God, those eyes have been here before. What a beauty indeed."
"Oh dear, I feel like a weirdo! I fancy an ape!"
"Yeah, he's a real hunk. Look out Brad Pitt.....heheheheehe."
"Actually, he IS kinda hot..."

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