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JFL Woman Only Utopia



Nov 19, 2017

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Does anyone else ever dream of buying a large amount of land and just living amongst women in a commune? Everyone living there could contribute to the community. Some would be in trades, we have our own architects, carpenters, plumbers, welders, mechanics etc. We have gardeners, bakers, chefs, seamstresses. All women who contribute into making it a peaceful place. One where your home and food are covered as long as you contribute your time somewhere. That sounds so peaceful!

Wtf :lul: :lul: :lul: She must have forgotten to mention the dog brothels.
To be honest, I want an incel utopia.
To be honest, I want an incel utopia.
There technically is one I seen on TikTok, it has a gym, no vegan diets and there is hiking trails.
It would fall apart in a day since they can’t live without male competency & validation
Aristophanes predicted how that would go over 2000 years ago with Assemblywomen.
we have our own architects, carpenters, plumbers, welders, mechanics
Reality : Tonnes of useless marketing & hr vermins always with starbucks coffee & evian water

Women don't want to do any of those jobs that's why they want men around they just want to sleep with the attractive ones and the ugly ones will do the manual labor and the intellectual labor and she will live like a queen until she becomes unattractive and the chance leave her for another bitch and she will be forced to settle with these subhuman men but no reality she will continue having sex with Chad and wasting her time on consumeristic Pursuits as we losers lay down and rot
Wtf :lul: :lul: :lul: She must have forgotten to mention the dog brothels.
Funny GIF
who will do the manual labor and security force jobs (to prevent men from entering)? utopia destroyed with one question
They wouldn't be able to survive a day without men JFL
That commune would collapse within in a week foids are useless
Haven't there been a crapload of attempts to do this by radical feminists and all of them collapsed after none of them automatically became the utopias they imagined?

Hell, there's apparently a lot of places like this, this Wikipedia page has a list of 23 active (and a lot of defunct) lesbian separatist communes:

Pretty funny that feminists and other women are acting as if those places don't exist and how this is all just theoretical, almost like none of those communes are a success at all or anything to celebrate so they just keep on trying again and again:waitwhat::feelskek:.
They should do this unironically it would be funny to watch it collapse
No men basically means all inventions are gone, no modern infrastructure, medicine, technology and physical labor to make it all work.
“we have our own architects, carpenters, plumbers, welders, mechanics etc.”

No, no you would not
Theory: foids go into BS fields like psychology cause they literally can't do these things
Lol of course they still want to come back into the real world, among men, when it suits them. Its always the same with women, they want their cake and they also want to eat it. If you want to fuck off, into your own utopia, then dont come back.
Would tranns women be allowed ? :feelsEhh: :feelshaha::feelsthink:

Shiit i would actually pay to watch live reality show like this , would be hillarious :feelsLightsaber::feelsjuice:

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