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why so much variance among humans in appearance



Nov 23, 2017
all other animals are virtually carbon copies of eachother
Nope, they have lots of divergence due to evolving in different environments too. For example, grizzly bear vs polar bear. The important thing is having Cromagnid bone structure. Rest of humanity is subhuman.
Because pariarchy.
If you lived near cats or dogs or any other animal your whole life since birth. You would see they look different too. But yes humans do have big variety since population is huge and a lot of years of evolution
visage said:
all other animals are virtually carbon copies of eachother

You just can't differentiate between individual specimens of the same non-human species since there was minimal environmental selection for that trait. Even human beings have difficulty telling people of certain ethnicities apart.
I've often wondered the same thing. Houseflies have no stacies or incels and are happy to eat shit. I kinda envy the world of abundance they live in. Bonus for ability to fly.
two words - gene pool

Chad or stacey looks? - life handed to you on a silver platter

normie - still lives a good life, gets females but not as easily as chad does.

incel - either betabuxx or death sentence as a virgin
We are different from each otherbut not as much as you think, and animals aren't necessarily carbon copies. Human's brains are meant to perceive small differences between the organisms of their species, or even just their race. This is also why black people sometimes say all whites look the same, and why white people sometimes say all blacks look the same.

It also has to do with how bad genetics aren't being filtered out as much as other animals as a result of betabux and shit like that.

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