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Why can't women deserve an ass-kicking? Everyone thinks men can

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Mean words MONSTER.
Nov 8, 2017
When a man runs his mouth, he is likely to be told that he deserves to get the shit beaten out of him...maybe even "put in a hospital."

Women...she can light your things on fire and not even deserve a mere slap. Hell, slaps are even worse because they're "disrespectful."

But just imagine if a woman gets put in a hospital for lighting a man's things on fire, which is exactly what she deserves. A poor witto woman with bwuises on her pwetty witto face has tears in people's eyes.

If a man has a black eye after setting shit on fire, or even if he's in the hospital hooked up to tubes, it "serves him right." Nobody is crying for some dude who brought it on himself.

You see, whenever someone brings up how ridiculous it is that people cry over women getting hit, when it is no big deal (and they usually deserve it), we hear, "but men are stronger than women, blah blah blah." Clearly, however, it has nothing to do with that. Because we're not talking about fighting, we're talking about the potential to deserve getting an ASS KICKING.

An ass-kicking doesn't mean the man was in a fair fight. It means he got dominated because he couldn't properly defend himself.

Getting the shit beaten out of you when you deserved it is getting the shit beaten out of you when you deserved it.

No, the reason so many get outraged over poor wimmins getting hit is most people can't conceive of a woman deserving it. Even those who realize females are flawed creatures can't override their instinctive feelings that women are soft, dainty, fragile little creatures who could never deserve to feel physical pain at the hands of a big, filthy man.

In reality, of course, if anyone deserves an ass-kicking, it's women. Most women deserve to get the shit beaten out of them every other day just for being women. If men acted like women, they wouldn't make it to their 50th birthday.
This is very true, a female has complete liberty over its behavior and it can always pretend to be an innocent victim no matter what it did, the worst part is society will believe it. The honest truth is most domestic abuse and rape cases are either fabricated by females or the ass kicking was well deserved and men have to pay the price with long prison terms.
Because hypnotic vagina of universal importance

They deserve a head-stoning.
They deserve a very severe punishment

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