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Why all of this happen to me ?



Nov 10, 2017
It sucks when you don't have any good qualities. It sucks when you can't find anything good about yourself to just feel human. It sucks when you're inferior to the rest of planet. It sucks when you have no hope of improving no matter what happens. It sucks being extremely ugly, manlet, bald, having a 12 years old body, unintelligent, mentalcel, no personality, nothing.

How can i even see myself as a human being ? How can i live with people knowing that all of them, literally all of them are superior to me ? How can i expect anything from myself when i have nothing to offer because i can't do anything good in this life ?

I'm not at a disadvantage, i'm completely and totally crippled.

Even my parents don't have any hopes for me. They never asked me why i act like a depressed 70 years old creep, never asked me why i don't have a girlfriend or why i never knew any girls.

They already knew that it's over for me.

Even bluepilled people around me indirectly admit that i can't be saved.

I don't even want love, sex, a gf, friends, etc now because i'm already dead and can't enjoy anything.

I just want to feel human and not a fucking freak for just one day.

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