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Who is/ was General Alek, and what did he do?



Jan 26, 2024
I'm just curious since I saw his name being mentioned quite a bit and then he vanished again. Apparently, he was accused of being a Fed, infiltrator, or just causing drama?

So I thought I'd like to hear the story, if it's an interesting one.
Fakecel who tried to LARP as a fed.
Definitely a fed
Oh I was wondering what happened to that guy
I read a few of his comments when he returned for a hot minute. I assumed he just pissed off the wrong mod (well, they're *all* the wrong person to piss off) or was suspected of being a Fed
Basically, Alek is a unique poster, to say the least:feelshaha:, well-known for very strongly idolizing Elliot Rodger and other incel mass killers, as can be seen by his choice of a name and avi being Alek Minassian. This idolizing of his is much greater than what most people here have, and this has led to very widespread beliefs and conspiracies of Alek actually being a federal agent assigned this forum to spy on and infiltrate this forum. Couple that with the fact that at some point Alek stopped trying not to let his annoyance at those accusations show, and given how sensitive and paranoid some people here are, this resulted in a feedback loop of his annoyance and anger being seen as proof that he is a fed and, well, we ended with the situation of him being permabanned twice and being one of the most complained about and reported posters in the forum's history:feelsthink:.
Thanks for the info. So basically he seemed too over-the-top to be real. I've seen that happen to a few other users on here, though it apparently wasn't as bad with them since they haven't been banned.

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