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TeeHee When a white woman VS an Asian woman dates an ethnic male



May 27, 2024
White Women Dating Ethnic Men:

• User1: “I can’t believe she’s with a guy who looks like that.”

• User2: “Why would a white girl go for someone who looks so ethnic?”

• User3: “This is disappointing.”

• User4: “She’s probably trying to look woke or something.”

• User5: “At least she’s not with a Pajeet, that would be worse.”

• User6: “She could do so much better.”

• User7: “I don’t get it, what’s the appeal?”

• User8: “She’s clearly trying to be different.”

• User9: “I bet her parents are fuming.”

• User10: “Just another white girl trying to look rebellious.”

• User11: “Sad to see this.”

• User12: “These women have no standards.”

• User13: “Is she blind?”

• User14: “How did this even happen?”

• User15: “She’s clearly desperate for attention.”

• User16: “These women are a disgrace.”

• User17: “This is just sad.”

• User18: “She’s probably trying to make a statement.”

• User19: “This is just wrong.”

• User20: “She’s making a huge mistake.”

In stark contrast, the ethnic guys in the comments expressed pride and admiration.

Ethnic Guys’ Comments:

• User1: “Respect to these guys.”

• User2: “Finally, some representation.”

• User3: “Good to see our guys doing well.”

• User4: “These women have good taste.”

• User5: “Proud of these brothers.”

Then, the comments turned their attention back to East Asian women and their ethnic boyfriends. The tone was much harsher and filled with racism.

East Asian Women and Their Ethnic BFs:

• User1: “These Ching Chong women always go for the white-passing ethnics.”

• User2: “They think they can brag about dating an ethnic non-Asian.”

• User3: “Asian women can’t be higher than MTB (average).”

• User4: “They will never take a real ethnic or a Pajeet.”

• User5: “Look at this Korean woman, saying she likes MENA men, but it’s just some Arab with green eyes and tan skin.”

• User6: “They always date guys who look European with a tan.”

• User7: “They never go for truly ethnic-looking guys.”

• User8: “Asian women are the worst.”

• User9: “They’re only with these guys for status.”

• User10: “Their preferences are so superficial.”

• User11: “These women are hypocrites.”

• User12: “They claim to like ethnics but only date the white-passing ones.”

• User13: “Just look at this Chinese woman and her Lebanese BF who looks like a European with curls.”

• User14: “These women make me sick.”

• User15: “They’re all the same, seeking status.”

• User16: “I bet they wouldn’t date a truly ethnic guy.”

• User17: “These women are a joke.”

• User18: “They’ll never be satisfied.”

• User19: “It’s all about appearances for them.”

• User20: “They’re just using these guys to look exotic.”
Examples of Couples Posted:

1. Chinese Woman and Lebanese Boyfriend:

The woman is elegant and poised, holding hands with a Lebanese man who has blue eyes, dark curls, and only slightly fuller lips.

• Comments:
• “She’s just showing him off because he looks white.”
• “Another Asian woman who can’t handle a real ethnic guy.”
• “They all go for the white-passing ones, so predictable.”

2. Japanese Woman and Brazilian Mixed Boyfriend:

The Japanese woman is petite and stylish, her boyfriend has tan skin, dark hair, and striking green eyes.

• Comments:
• “Why do they always pick the white-looking ones?”
• “She’s only with him to look diverse.”
• “Asian women and their fetish for white-passing men, pathetic.”

3. Korean Woman and Arab Boyfriend:

The Korean woman is seen in a street interview, proudly talking about her Arab boyfriend who has green eyes, full lips, and dark hair.

• Comments:
• “Look at her showing off her ‘exotic’ boyfriend who looks European.”
• “She wouldn’t touch a real Arab guy with a ten-foot pole.”
• “They love saying they’re dating MENA men, but only if they look white.”

4. Taiwanese Woman and Mexican Boyfriend:

The Taiwanese woman is bubbly and cheerful, her boyfriend has tan skin, dark almond-shaped eyes, and full lips.

• Comments:
• “Just another Asian girl with a white-passing Latino.”
• “They always want to say they’re dating ethnics but can’t handle the real deal.”
• “She’s with him for the status, not for who he is.”

5. Singaporean (Han) Woman and Mixed Mediterranean Boyfriend:

The Singaporean woman is chic and modern, her boyfriend has thick dark lashes, brows, and hair, with almond eyes and slightly tanned skin.

• Comments:
• “Classic case of Asian woman dating a white-looking ethnic.”
• “They always pick the ones who look the most European.”
• “She’s probably bragging to her friends about her ‘exotic’ boyfriend.”

More Varied Comments:

• User1: “These women just want to say they’re with an ethnic guy but only if he looks white.”

• User2: “Another example of Asian women fetishizing white-passing men.”

• User3: “They never go for real ethnic guys, always the white-looking ones.”

• User4: “It’s all about appearances for them, not real connection.”

• User5: “She’s only with him because he looks like a European with a tan.”

• User6: “Asian women and their obsession with white-passing men is so transparent.”

• User7: “They always want to show off their ‘ethnic’ partners who look white.”

• User8: “Another one trying to look diverse by dating a white-passing ethnic.”

• User9: “She wouldn’t be with him if he looked like a real ethnic guy.”

• User10: “They love saying they’re with MENA or Latino guys but only if they look European.”

• User11: “Just another Asian woman dating a white-passing guy for the status.”

• User12: “They all go for the white-passing ones, so predictable.”

• User13: “She’s using him to look cultured and diverse.”

• User14: “Whitu passingu ethnikkku, classic Asian woman move.”

• User15: “They never go for real ethnic guys, always the white-looking ones.”

• User16: “It’s all about status for them, not love.”

• User17: “Her boyfriend is just her status symbol.”

• User18: “She’s only with him to look diverse.”

• User19: “Asian women are so predictable with their choices.”

• User20: “They always claim to like Latinos and MENA guys but only if they look white.”
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