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Theory What really matters for attracting women

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Misogynist Vegeta

Misogynist Vegeta

The Saiyan Prince
Feb 16, 2024


The most important thing all chads have in common is a beautiful face, Without a good looking face it is simply over for you, nothing else really matters that much. Everything after face is what separates the chadlites from the top percentage giga chads, If you aren't at least 5/10 here it's probably over for you, if you are 1/10 it's definitely over for you nothing else here is gonna be able to make up for ugly face. Every incel has a 5 or less face making ascension impossible without plastic surgery.

Body: It's simple really women don't want overweight men and to be fair skinny men don't want overweight women. You don't have to be jacked in fact women prefer men be lean not skinny but not a whole body made out of muscles. Some may question having body over height and honestly deciding which one is more important here is a little tough, however I went with body over height because as long as your not super close to 5 feet some women will want you (if your face is above a 5 of course) while being overweight turns more women off. (Unless you have a very attractive face of course)

Height: It's not about being taller then women, must of us are taller then the average woman, it's about being taller then over men, women really have an unrealistic standard here (that can be measured directly) wanted men who are 6 feet and above and it seems each year the bar just increases. Being a manlet, a true manlet is horrible experience i wish onto nobody.

Hygiene: Not only body odor but good grooming, Now if your face is ugly and your a fat manlet this will literally do nothing to increase your attractiveness but a foid will go for a clean handsome man over a greasy handsome man everytime.


Slightly more important then Fame, after all J meeks had no money and women were swarming him, Of course they wouldn't want him if his looks were subpar, however something interesting to note is Nick Cruz whose definitely below average in looks gets notes from foids on the occasion, To be fair he's not completely ugly either, Oh yea it also doesn't matter if bad fame (infamy) or good fame it will attract foids if your not ugly.

Money: Moneymaxxing can only do so much for an incel, but a chad with money is better then a chad with no money, foids will of course take chad over a rich incel anyday, as an incel your better of paying for prostitutes then trying to buy your way to a gf, but if your failed normal this just might save you. If you can avoid the gold diggers and that's a big if.

Career: Two chads with the same amount of wealth, The girl is likely gonna choice the chad who is a doctor over the chad who got all their money from crypto, however the importance of a "good" career is so miniscule that you aren't gonna see it in the real world that much.


Social Ability: Yes charisma is real but only if you already look good and have some kind of status, even then being an extreme autist chad isn't gonna make enough of a difference to doom him to inceldom, same applies to incels no amount of charisma will save you, However better social ability will make the difference for failed normies, and fakecel normies, the only thing that's a barrier to a relationship for these people is a mental one. Not like these normoids are getting very attractive women but they will get something.

Personality: This matters so little that many scholars to this day debate if it ever mattered at all, It's NEVER is a deal breaker. Maybe for a full on relationship but short little flings hell no. Of course as everything else below the looks category this is a complete non factor if your ugly or in many cases average looking.
Water but true.
Looks & Money
Did you take the time to type that out
looks, money and being neurotypical
Looks kind of belongs under status.

If your good looking, you will have many friends, and many girls will want to be with you. That's status.

If your a good looking autistic mental cel, girls will still avoid you in general, because your looks did not give you status in the sense of more friends and girls wanting to be with you
How are chads able to maintain a healthy looking appearance with all the goyslop and heavy metals and other toxic shit they put in our food, water and hygiene products?
Height is for women way more important than body. Its men projecting because they care about a womans body way more than a woman cares about a mans body
How are chads able to maintain a healthy looking appearance with all the goyslop and heavy metals and other toxic shit they put in our food, water and hygiene products?
Their genes make them digest food easier and better

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